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  • Hi! This is completely random but I live in PA as well! lol. Except I'm in the 'Burgh, not Philly. ;)
    Aww, it's very cute. Thank you so much for sharing it with me :D And, I think sometimes you can't reply because some users don't have the "visitor messages" option enabled. I've tried to leave messages to other users and I can't seem to find this section, I'm glad you have it, otherwise I couldn't have told you how much I liked your avatar lol, thanks again. :hug:
    Hi :ciao:
    I know this is weird but I really love your avatar. And I was wondering if you could provide me the link to a bigger version? Please? Thank you, :hug:
    :girl_karaoke: :girl_karaoke: Haaappyyy Biiiirthdaaaay to youuuuuu !!! :girl_karaoke: :girl_karaoke:

    Hope you have a great day :cheers: !
    Do you want a signature/avatar to you profile here?
    Or do you want a wallpaper/banner etc something like that?
    I Will sure make a one to you.
    You just only have to show me some picture and text you want in!

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