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  • Hi, I was the one that has flagged the word 'lazy' in 2 posts as violation of forum rules- and that was what brought warnings by 2 mods. The warning to not say a further word was directed at me. So please don't get yourself banned since I was the one who got tired of a moderator breaking forum rules else that all of us are trying to abide by. Unless other people got tired of it as well.
    Hey Bo G. I saw your request for the MJ religion transcription from Boteach's book.

    I read it online and it edits out the Rabbi's comments for our reading pleasure.

    Here's the website:

    It's sort of a famous website for streaming MJ media.

    I'm glad you reported that thread. It was getting really uncomfortable in there... Your GW threads are great. Keep it coming!
    (Cont'd from below)

    However, the project has not yet mentioned this concern of MJ, I believe.

    It would be wonderful for MJJC to take the lead in educating other fans and the general public about this message from MJ, perhaps using Legacy Project and events surrounding it as the mechanism. Hopefully other fansites would follow this lead.

    This is not the place to have a debate on this, I'm sure -- we've kind of done that already! I just wanted to bring some closure to that discussion and see where it can take us.

    I do believe the MJ fan community should not shy away from GW as supposedly "controversial." While there will always be extreme outliers on any issue, the debate over whether GW is real and humans are causing a major contribution is well over -- even George W. Bush finally agreed.

    With help from the board and moderators, the focus now could be a very positive one on education and action. Thanks for considering this.
    (Cont'd from below)

    2) this is what MJ was referring to in the film with his "four years" statement to the crew.

    The evidence:

    1) MJ's stating that his primary concern with the state of the world, in his Dec 2007 Ebony interview, was global warming,
    2) Michael Bearden's recent statement that GW was the central TII message,
    3) MJ's comments in the film about to the effect that "I have an important message... I know you all care about the planet... we have four years till damage is irreversible..."
    4) Numerous high-level statements by the UN, in the New York Times, in Barack Obama's energy plan, and other highly credible sources supporting this concern of MJ's -- that it's particularly important action take place within about four years.

    Links to all of the above are in the "Four Years Left for Global Warming Action" thread.

    This links beautifully to the existing MJJC Legacy Project of planting trees, which is a great personal action to slow global warming.
    Update on Global Warming Topic

    I posted the following after Gaz closed my GW thread, & PM'd Gaz & TheChosenOne. Gaz PM'd back that the thread will be reopened after the negativity is removed, & he would be making a statement yesterday in support. (Perhaps the news about Evan Chandler was thought too big a distraction). He suggested I work with TheChosenOne. She has PM'd me in response that she's interested, & is discussing it with the rest of the Legacy Project team, & will get back to me shortly.

    MJJCOMMUNITY - OFFICIAL FORUM > Help Center > Ask Us > MJJC Position on TII Global Warming Message?

    I was wondering if MJJC would be interested in moving forward in some way with the following:

    I think we have enough documentation now to support the 2-part premise that:

    1) a major part of MJ's TII message was to urge action to slow global warming, and
    i am sorry if my disagreement caused discouragement.

    i hope i wasn't disrespectful in anyway... if i was... i am sorry.

    the thread contained good points. like your other comments.
    Your posts are very refreshing. I admire your objectivity and calm expression. Keep posting! :)
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