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  • Hey man! How are ya? Sorry for the random post but im trying to establish contact with MJ fans in my area (Gold Coast and Brisbane)... whats ur email address? I've got so many cool MJ activities coming up in Brissie for MJ fans like full scale professional theatre productions, MJ dance classes and more! Gimme ur email or send me one at and i'll keep in touch :) info is on if u wanna check it out! Talk soon! Damo
    I haven't been on here in ages. Came across one of your posts in the 'is there a god' thread and laughed. It was the Santa comparison.

    I'm on Maximum Jackson now. Miss reading your sane posts!
    Thanks for the info ,

    also what is the best program to convert video ts files to MP4 files on macs ?

    Happy Birthday Mate!! hope you have a good one! :flowers:

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