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    Hey B. No shame in Singing Michael…lol but it was smooth how you went about it…:D

    I'm good. Yes you are kinda right, I dont post as much status as you do but I'm online most of the time. I'm just invisible…;) "I reach out my hand to you, I have faith in all you do…" *SIGh* Its nice to talk to ppl. who have love to the same person that I do… <3

    I hope life is treating you well. I'm going to this "Michael Jackson Dance Party" on Friday Oct. 29th. And I'm soooo EXCITED about it. I'm meeting some fans from this board (We have met last year for Michael's Birthday and to watch TII)!!! They are one of the most beautiful people i've ever met, Inside and out.

    Soooo I'm gonna stop blabbering now…lol I'll talk to you soon k?

    Heyyyy!!! How are you??? I just saw that ur bday was like 8 months ago… Happy Belated Birthday :lol:

    But in all seriousness…I see u on FB but we never talked except comment on pics…How are you? how's everything? <3 ;)

    You're right!! Hopefully it will be answered right?
    I'm from Brazil! :) Sorry I dont know where JHB is!! :p
    I love your question!! I reaally hope it will be *honestly* answered. It feels like you took it off my chest, if you know what I mean! :yes:
    Yeah, MJ's passing was both shocking and really saddening, and came at a horrible time.

    The songs Stevie performed at the memorial.. neither of them were written for or by MJ. Stevie wrote both of those songs in the 70's. "Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer" was on his Where I'm Coming From album, and "They Won't Go When I Go" was on Fulfillingness' First Finale. Both were great tributes.
    Thanks so much for the add *hugs*
    Thank for the concern buddy, I just needed to come into terms with what happened. Just for intrest sake, Giddyup, how did you know I'm on Facebook?

    I'm Rhys.
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