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  • where did you go ? and yeppers you came back right on time ...in the magical momment of michaelmania :lol: hope to yapp soon babe xx
    welcome back :p
    I am doing good, and what about yourself?
    :wild: I know right, finally we get to experience Michaelmania and its gonna be great :D . So are you gonna go to his concert(s)?
    Hey! Haha, I couldn't find similar pictures that you were talking about so I just went for the usual this time. ^_^
    oh yeah the MJ ticket is easy to exchange, but i've been looking forward to the 1-month Spain trip for the Granada Festival and it takes nearly the whole of July. but i also want to see Mike's first gig, lol.

    anyway, my fan-complex will grow and we'll probably end up givin the finga to the Spaniards here, lol.

    oh and binoculars.... take them with you even if you're on front row, it'll only get you even closer! haha
    haha yeah i'm a born-again fanboy now

    and i've booked for July 16th too! (first decent seat i could find), and then found a (very expensive) crap seat for the first date and also for September, but i still don't know if i'll make July because i'm supposed to be in Spain and it was all sorted before Mike hit us with the news. the dilemma is killing me
    hey cheers! glad to see you back, darlin.

    you coming to see Mike? or is that a silly question?
    Aw you're welcome and thank you. :flowers: We had a wonderful day with family and friends! :santaclaus:
    Hope all is well? Take care, bye! :)
    Merry Christmas BPYTD! :xmas1:
    I hope you have a great time with your family. God Bless! :hug:
    yeah i'm mostly a lurker too, we rule lol thanks, btw. you've inspired me to shamelessly bump the mofo
    lol i know its been a while hahaha. and i still have love 4 my ri ri and lil mama lol. them my girls. hahahaha

    and lol u might be right about the dvd hahaha. i havent seen it in ages. its in 1 of my boxes, i havent looked @ it since i took that pic lol
    hey that's news to me, last time i only read that she's contributing to his tribute album. but if this is true, obviously it'll be interesting to hear the results though we haven't heard much from Q in the pop scene recently and it's funny how most us keep bringing up the names Quincy and Teddy when asked who they'd like to see Mike work with. Q is 75 and hasn't done pop in eons, and Teddy has no studio (or any hit in the last decade) lol
    hey, thx :D
    i like my siggie as well..especially the pic where u can see Michaels belly.lool
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