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  • Lol...yeah true. Curls are easier to dance with heheh:D
    :lmao: yeah it is pretty bright..Thanks!!
    i hope i find a way to keep it open but i had social money and now the y found out my sun lives in this place so they took the kids money away from me which is 200 a month less in a day and thats a lot b ut hey i still have my appartment and kidzvillage and enough to eat so i live but i sure love to keep the site
    the site is still online io get enough money to keep it on till xas lol i changed the videosection and added all new stuf so if you re bored lol
    so what are you doing lately?
    Well we can't help that. ;) We've always been a crazy country. :lol: Sometimes I shake my head at some of the stuff we do, lol.
    I heard that the reason many Brits move to America is because it's boring over there. Americans come here and expecting to party and be respected. Brits just want some fun. :lol: I don't blame ya, lol.
    Your friend should break up with him, if she's suffering what the H*** is she doing trapped with a guy who doesn't respect her? (in my opinion).
    I agree with that quote: "NO BOYFRIEND, NO PROBLEM" :yes:
    Aww I know what you mean, I'm very shy about it too. When I was 14 years old I really liked a guy, supposely we were good friends, I'd never planned to tell my feelings about him but somebody told about it, whe he asked me if it was true, I couldn't deny it, he told me he only wanted to me as a friend or sister :(, I acepted n' we continued being "friends".
    As I studied in a different highschool, I couldn't meet him very often, so one day a girlfriend told me that he was in the same place, she told him about it: "Antonio, Gaby is here don't you want to say to her hello" he replied: "Gaby?????? who's Gaby?"
    He didn't even remembered me :angry:
    Fortunately being single it's a great choise :happy:
    I agree with you but in my case I've got more social life being at school, I'm gonna back at school on August 13th. It's good to know you're fine ;) :flowers:
    i c...i c lol. u gottsa love "broken pieces" "swim" "college" "lip gloss" "gslide" "make it hot" coooome on lol
    LOL, I've heard that the world is totally not too exotic. You can go to some town in Africa and think you were home so I get what you're saying. :)
    Where I live is very quiet if you don't count the usual cars that have a boom box in their stereo and the occasional dogs barking and four wheelers and tractors. I live in an area in NC where they called "the country". :)
    I think the city is wonderful. I meant from how I described it and what you said about exaggerations. :lol:
    LOL, well for starters I love the London buses and I like to go through Parliament one day. :) And I know you meet some celebrities over there that you'd never expect at a pub somewhere (I'm 24 so I'm legal to go, lol, though I don't drink). And yeah, Marvin left because he felt abandoned by America (also the tax men were looking for him to pay for back taxes) so he left to Hawaii. A British promoter spotted him, cleaned him up a bit and took him to London to live. He did a European tour over there and did so well he stayed rather than come back. He lived in Belgium a year later and recorded "Midnight Love" there before returning to America in November 1982.
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