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  • lmaooo anyway... me and my friends went biking a bit today, went 2 the park, and grabbed some hot dogs.. it was fun :lol:
    ehm.... im a boy lol!!! and second of all i meant more active on MJJC lol!! im already active in real life lol

    im not a princess though LOL! im 12 so most women wouldnt say anything lmao
    Lol...yeah true. Curls are easier to dance with heheh:D
    :lmao: yeah it is pretty bright..Thanks!!
    i hope i find a way to keep it open but i had social money and now the y found out my sun lives in this place so they took the kids money away from me which is 200 a month less in a day and thats a lot b ut hey i still have my appartment and kidzvillage and enough to eat so i live but i sure love to keep the site
    the site is still online io get enough money to keep it on till xas lol i changed the videosection and added all new stuf so if you re bored lol
    so what are you doing lately?
    Well we can't help that. ;) We've always been a crazy country. :lol: Sometimes I shake my head at some of the stuff we do, lol.
    I heard that the reason many Brits move to America is because it's boring over there. Americans come here and expecting to party and be respected. Brits just want some fun. :lol: I don't blame ya, lol.
    Your friend should break up with him, if she's suffering what the H*** is she doing trapped with a guy who doesn't respect her? (in my opinion).
    I agree with that quote: "NO BOYFRIEND, NO PROBLEM" :yes:
    Aww I know what you mean, I'm very shy about it too. When I was 14 years old I really liked a guy, supposely we were good friends, I'd never planned to tell my feelings about him but somebody told about it, whe he asked me if it was true, I couldn't deny it, he told me he only wanted to me as a friend or sister :(, I acepted n' we continued being "friends".
    As I studied in a different highschool, I couldn't meet him very often, so one day a girlfriend told me that he was in the same place, she told him about it: "Antonio, Gaby is here don't you want to say to her hello" he replied: "Gaby?????? who's Gaby?"
    He didn't even remembered me :angry:
    Fortunately being single it's a great choise :happy:
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