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  • No I just heard about it. :) Marvin Gaye used to live there during his exile in the beginning of the '80s. :D
    Oh I know me too.. Maybe he will wear what him and Christian Audg. came up with??Yeah maybe it will just be simple. :p
    hahah agreed!! also The the jackets he wears too. That Mickey mouse shirt and boo tie looked nice on him back then too!!
    hahah its ok :p...

    Ahhhh are you serious, that sucks.Jeans could have won. Noooooooooo grrrrrr. lol j/k. Ya too bad they didn't win..oh well. Jeans are the best lmao :p
    Haha, my sister once said I look like Will Smith, she also said I look like Babyface, lol. :lol: I guess my behavior is Will Smith-esque, lol. My sense of humor and the way I project it may have been one of the reasons you thought I was a Brit. At times I wished I did live in London. :lol:
    ohh ok!!! I got it :p.. scary!!!! maybe the dream will continue, or maybe it will be a whole new dream..
    Dang how scary omg....... i can't believe that, he didn't care? haha eventhough its a dream. wow thats trippy.
    OMG...that is weird!!hah you have some crazy MJ dreams. eww though about the man taking you down to see the dead body!!! did you scream or anything??did you say anything to the guy?
    Hiiiiii!!! How are you hun?! XD
    Thanks for liking my siggy!! *smiles*
    Hope you have a nice weekend too!! <3
    OHhhh that's cool!!!Same here, Iv'e only had a toatl of 4 MJ dreams.. just about hanging out in NEVERLAND.. its was pretty cool! :p hehe
    yeah goin again next week ive been quiet cuz of other things i can only talk about in PM or MSN its not something i want everyone to see on here
    hahah yeah thats the most suckiest part. esp. if you are having so much fun in the dream like shopping or anything fun lol...lol yeah esp. MJ dreams where your having loads of fun like water fights and playing tag.. If you have had dreams like that before. Have you ever had a dreams that you were somehow related to MJ?
    thanks again.. Don't be afraid to ask questions when u get them.. lol! maybe some put them in PM.. cuz might not want to share with EVERYONE, if u know what I mean..

    Thanks again, and have a great time... God bless
    haha LOL... i knw what you mean,I have asked the same thing, and then its was just a dream lol.. The weird look/laugh from a family/ friends member never fails . :D :)
    I'm Christian.. My dad is muslim though.. I guess I break steriotype.. lol! It's a pretty long story.. I've had an umm! INTERESTING life..
    hahah omg that is very crazy :p But it seems like you have pretty intresting dreams..lol at the imposters..doesn't sometimes these dreams seem real and then you wake up and say "what happend?" and then you remeber.."oh yeah, it was a dream" lmao
    I'm more connected to the arab culture, but I do have influences of all.. My moms side of the family is pretty Italian in the way they act so..... lol! I speak arabic OK, I was fluent when I moved to Libya when I was younger but it has been so long. I actually went to 1st and 2nd grade there... So I learned to read and write in arabic..

    It's kinda funny because, my first langauge to SPEAK was english, but I learned to read and write in arabic first.. lol! aside from pre-first grade writting.. like my name etc..
    hahaa!!lol thats sucks, but yeah it shows that you're not too obssesed hehe :p ohhh what did you save this person from?so at first it was MJ? and then MJ turned into somonelse?
    awww i dunno what to say to all of that ,aww.... so...*pauses* i shall say ..ditto .*grins* MJJC is great ,its true , i found the mods/people are so warm ,and its a good community , lives up to its name , have a great day my.
    baby princess young tall diva ~
    haha awww like a romantic movie :p..ok ttyl.sweet dreams girl. yeah if you dream about MJ thats means he is on your mind AGAIN :p no worrie though...If you dream of him again maybe you'll be his girl or he'll like you hehehe lol good night!!
    Hey... I got married last June 30th.. Thanks for the compliments and the congrats..

    I am half arab (libyan) and the other half is a mixture of Italian and IDK.. something white.. lol!
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