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  • Hi Brenns! Hope you check in soon. We should be getting Buenos Aires '93 soon from Steve.I know it's '93 but I think you like the Dangerous Tour right?
    hi Brenns!:hiya: hope all is well with you!
    HAPPY NEW BRENNS!! how you doing? hope all is well with you.
    thanks brenns! i hope you have a happy new year!
    hope you have nice christmas brenns!
    hey mate
    hast du vllt. mal zeit die originalen files von uncut bucharest zu posten... in mpeg2 oder Vob oder 2dvdset oder so...
    lass dir zeit beim hochladen, wär aber so nett von dir

    bitte bitte
    hey brenns.:D how are you? are you gonna see MJ in london?
    Thanks, Trina. And it felt good sharing all that stuff :). But that was MJNO, it just made you want to "give back".
    i know i hardly ever see you on. it's certainly not like it was at mjno. oh well. i watched some of the jacksons tv shows the other night. i love you for those brenns!
    Hey Trina, hey Betty. Nice to see you gals dropped by :)
    I'm not often here myself at the moment. Can't help feeling that this place is not the most exciting place to be right now ...
    hey brenns. how are you? just checkin' in to say hey! :)
    Hi Brenn,thanks I'm fine and how are you?

    Sorry about my late response I'm not here very often and 2 times I logged in but lost my internet connection again.
    But here she is "again"...LOL;-):)

    Love Betty*:)
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