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  • Really?

    OMGGG, i bet when you got home you were running around in your room and jumping up and down hehe :D
    Dude, it's 1.30 PM, and just got out of bed :yawn:
    do NOT call me Theo :rant: LOL

    Aah sweetie, i'm here for ya :hug:
    Last day of school today, so when you come home you can start your weekend!

    Talk to you tonight hopefully!
    Love You, xx Riles.
    Brittanyyyy :shifty:

    How you doing gurl?!!! :D
    I haven't talked to you, in a couple days. I miss you! :cry:

    Sooo... whats up? hope to talk to you tonight, cause my weekend starts tomorrow.
    :huggy: Love, Riley. :heart:
    Hey kitty! Cant believe how long its been since weve chatted i miss you! Hope to talk soon! xxxx
    Hello there Britt :waving:

    I'm passing on a message from Ri

    She's not feeling well at all.. so she's not going to be coming Online tonight:no:

    She said to let you know :)
    Oooh, I'll do it for you! ;)
    Gheheee :shifty:

    Darn, you always win -_-
    Hey, i'm at work til four today. Talk when I get back? :D
    Aww, sweetie... again? :(

    just punch them in their face for once, that'll stop them :giggle:
    big hug to you my kitty! :huggy:
    It's weekend for you now.. enjoy it! :flowers:
    Doing fine here, thanks :flowers:

    And you?
    How was school and all? Anything special going on?
    What I've been experimenting with for jewelry so far is using clay...sculpting shapes for necklaces or sculpting rings and then printing photos of Michael and having them decoupaged on. Fun stuff :D
    Hey girl! Sorry for the late reply, how are ya? Not much going on here...glad it's Friday! I'm gonna spend my weekend working on a new song about Michael and maybe finish making some new MJ jewelry too. :) Hope you're doing well and have a happy weekend! :huggy:
    Hi Brittany, how are you? :)

    Mmmmm i had a very good dream the other night! :shifty: Must tell you soon! :naughty: hehe x
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