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  • I was just a ditwit...I was trying to save one of my old photos to my laptop and it went down to 0%. I exited out thinking nothing of it..went back the next day and none of my photos were showing up. The ones I posted on the threads...the screen was just blank. When I went to see what was wrong is said something like ... once you resize an image it is perminate so make sure you have a backup.

    So all my files from photobucket are gone. I have most of them on my computer and I've been uploading the ones I like onto my imageshack.

    I did have fun. :D Michael Jackson all 3 days and 2 nights. :D
    Lol not my photobucket!

    Nice. I've had an eventful week. Went to a friend's for a few days and had a blast. As soon as I got home and took a shower from my other friend's house another friend called and had me hang out with her for the rest of the day. I might have an interview tomorrow for a job and I'm busy doing stuff for the macro thread. ... Craziness I tell ya! :lol:
    Not much.

    I'm just uploading some old pictures/macros to my imageshack to upload to my laptop since my photobucket just pooped out.

    :( I'm sorry.
    :better: It won't be all sad believe me. There will be parts where you will laugh out loud ...for instance..."Needs more booty." lol Michael laughs at it and says "More booty? hehe that's funny." You won't be crying throughout the whole things..just little parts maybe. But you will have a blast watching it;)
    I believe it all ranges but for me the saddest parts were when he was doing Thriller and when that music came on and the light came down on him ...than you see the screen ...still the same see people falling out of the sky it looks like. The other was when right at the end...he was singing MITM and they do a freeze frame of him and write out his name and Love lives forever. Some of the special features were kind of sad too.
    Aw :better:

    Well no matter when you get will cry during some parts. It doesn't matter if you get it now...or 2 years from now...will probably still happen.

    My day was somewhat eventful. I get my TII DVD but soon after my brother comes and he gets angry at something so I feel bad for it but in the end I fixed it so now he's happy again :D but I watched TII and started to love Michael 10000 more. Now I'm here lol.
    The dream? lol it was like a modern day thriller kinda. I can't go into all the detail as I only get to use 1000 characters here. lol Let me just say there were zombies coming up from the ground and in the house like they did in Thriller and there was some crime things going on like there was in Smooth Criminal. It was just crazy. :lol:

    How was your day?

    Well I did have some of the most vivid/strange dreams last night. I woke up thinking....wth??

    Today has been great so far. I finally got my laptop to connect to the internet so I'm back on that. :D

    Surprisingly I didn't get too distracted so now my room is clean and I have a new bed. We got a new mattress for my brother but it was too big for his room so I got it. It takes up basically my whole room but it's super comfy. That's what I cleaned up my room so we could take a part my old bed frame and put that one in.

    lol how was your day?
    Hey :waving:

    Oh nothing really. Just getting offline to go clean up my room. I get to watch the Bucharest concert while I'm cleaning though so I won't be so bored. I just hope I don't get too distracted and not get anything done. :lol:

    :waving: Talk to you later

    How about you?
    It was okay.. I had to go to work for like 4 hours..
    But it was cooooooold outside! :cold:
    just getting tired and thinking it is time to get my doggies oraganized for bed time.. you shoudl rest your eyes if your head is hurting...
    yeah it kinda does.. tiem just keeps on marching on - if we like it or not And I don't - so I try to do as much as I can now... : ) Whatcha up tonight?
    sorry I missed you.... I am goood thanks.. - holidays were okay - so much rush for one day - I find it to be a downer when it is all said and done and now already January is half over!
    As soon as my Dad gets back I'm going back to my friend's house.

    This time I have some icecream with me so if my throat starts hurting I can have some to soothe my throat.
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