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  • No problem. ;)

    Just make sure it's a Visa gift card. Visa can be used anywhere but sometimes the stores will hide their names on the card so you only get to use the card for their store. So check the card before you get it. ;)
    Well what you can do is go to the local grocery store or Walmart and go find a Visa Gift Card. There will be different amounts on the cards but you can buy one and when you get home open the thing up and there will be a website to register the card. All you have to do is have your name, address, and phone number and than you can go online and get stuff. The cards have a limit so as soon as it reaches $0 than it's done.
    Oooo nice!

    I just received the two HIStory on film DVD's like 2 days ago. I'm getting the Dangerous short films and his Bucharest Concert on DVD this week. :D
    So far it has been pretty boring. I got to come back home for a few hours but Buddy(brother's dog) isn't here and my other brother is leaving so I'm bored. Later tonight my favorite show is coming on so it should be better. :)

    How about you?
    My name is Shayla. Im doing pretty good thanks for asking :)
    Hey! :) Remember me, the cat fan! lol How are you? I already had you on my friends list, didnt know, he he!
    I'm not going back to college. I honestly don't know what I would want to do. Maybe I'd do some creative writing? I dunno. I'm pet sitting a lot and I've always wanted to open my own Pet day care or Pet hotel type thing.
    Nah. That would be wrong. -_-

    Well it's good I only had to do it for a year...otherwise I would have to pay even more! I'm more of a creative person so the whole medical thing wasn't working...especially when I wasn't able to help the patients I was just helping the doctor's get out early to go play golf or do other stupid stuff. -_- pffff lame
    I don't wish it...but I do wish that the loans would magically disappear. :lol:

    To think that I'm paying for a years worth of training over 10 years for something I'm not even interested in anymore boggles my mind.

    Well if I had a job it would be no big deal.
    I'm going to be paying them off till 2020! ....Makes me wish those 2012 predictions were true! :lol:
    Let me just say.. I'm SOOOO glad I don't have to go to school anymore. You just made me love that fact even more!
    I hope you all the best.

    I hated getting "lectures" in school because of some dumn person or people doing something they thought they could get away with.
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