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  • Britt!! :santa:

    I wish you a Merry Christmas! :huggy:

    I have to work tomorrow and 25th until the 29th! :cry:

    i'm good!
    What did you do today?
    Sorry for the late reply..
    But yeah.. I am a nurse so I have to work on weekends!
    But it's okay.. ;)

    How are you today?
    I'm good!
    Just woke up! :lol:
    Have to go to work today!
    Wish me luck on riding my bike later..
    Yesterday I almost fell like 3923 times! :coffee:
    Oh he's the king of randomness.

    Horse Puckers....Beans and Buttermilk....Horse Malarkey....etc... :lol:
    :lol: Nah. He might like it if the obsession was for Elvis...he LOVES Elvis. Actually I always joke with him and after he's done talking or If I walk into his room I will look at him for a moment ...look at him for a few seconds than say.
    "Michael Jackson is better than Elvis! HA!"
    Than I run back to my room or wherever I was and I don't let him reply. He just says.
    "Horse puckers." OR... he'll say nuh-uh! :lol:
    My Dad doesn't say he doesn't like MJ he just hates my obsession for him. :doh:

    Oh well..can't help it:D
    OoooooOOooo well I already do get to talk about MJ all day on the phone!

    hmm. . . maybe that's why my Dad doesn't like MJ. MJ isn't a country music singer...
    or maybe it's because I like him and since parents aren't supposed to like the music of their kids he decided not to like him
    Country. :laugh:
    My parents are from Idaho so I was basically raised on country music. :D

    I feel...20..maybe? hehe I dunno

    Now I'm just listening to some of the songs I used to love to listen to as a kid.

    Bored old lady:laugh: nice
    IKR! My memory sucks! xD

    :shifty: You know me too well! :shifty:

    I don't have a drivers license :fear: So I have to ride my bike! :weeping:
    But my job is like 5/10 minutes from my home! So, it's okay! ;D
    I know.. I was thinking about writing it down.
    I have a very bad memory anyways -_-
    You already told me you live in NYC.. Told you my memory is crap :coffee:

    I have to go to work tomorrow morning.. On my the snow.. :weeping:
    I think I'm gonna die!
    Yeah!'s not snowing anymore..:ermm:
    But it's so cold! And I walked all the way to the grocery store.. I came back with things I didn't even need.. and forgot the things I was going to buy in the first place :doh:

    But where do you live.. if it's hot out there I'd like to trade! :lol:
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