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  • You're welcome!!Thats cool :yes: The Waynes bros. are soo funny imo. I like their Movie "white chicks!"
    yallah, RrrrepResent!
    You have to do it at a certain pivot and jerk your body around @ the moonwalk. With the backslide, you have to move your heel up and move according to the feeling, least that's what Mike tried to explain to Bashidiot, lol. :lol:
    Thanks. :)

    But you know until a few months ago, I was like you. Then I watched Jeffrey Daniels talk about it and he did it and I was like "yeah that looks like the moonwalk" because the backslide is too easy to do. :lol:

    Can you imagine what would happen if people discover the real name of the "moonwalk" and then discover when he actually did the moonwalk? :lol: You should send every YouTube video of MJ's "Billie Jean" performance (post-Motown 25) and then tell them where he really does the "moonwalk", people will freak out! :lol:
    oh wa hey, though that's one of the few live albums i haven't got round to checking out. unless it's called 35 Anos: Ao Vivo?

    anyway, glad you're enjoying all that =D, it's what i've been chilling to all summer.
    i obsess over most things Brazil. had a phase where i actually thought i'd be the next master in capoeira :\ and of course being an Arab, we naturally support their soccer team like our life depended on it, which is a given.
    hah if only i knew my 3rab tunes, i'd hit you back with a very bedouin tune called Majdeh lol

    and don't you get me started on Palestinian "authority" or any Arab authority for that matter. muppet twattery.

    but hopefully the day will come when the bitches brew of the Arab nations get off the hashish, the whiskey, the 80s cliche "discotech" they're living in, and unhook the Isra-American leash from their collar and realise just what happened to their Ummah.

    *gets all corny and emotional and sings "Heal The Ummah, Make it a less cornier place,, for you and habib and the entire badu race"*


    peace, browneyes.

    well i hear you on the air travel though this may sound crazy but i'd actually rather take a nice long boat trip instead lol much calmer.

    as for the situation in Iraq, nearly all of my relatives have fled the place now and not really intending on going back anytime soon. but it's definitely better than a year ago, but even then it doesn't quite live up to the word "better". i'm actually goin with a group from the student union to help out Palestinian refugees between the Iraqi-Jordan border. no one has taken it as bad as our sisters and brothers from Palestine in the last few generations. not even Arabs are helping them out.

    sorry to get all political on your arse lol
    love Jordan, me. dropping by there this Christmas on my way to the motherland,,, (that's Iraq; Africa's overrated on the list of "fucked-up-places-with-a-gigantic-history").

    so yeah, the SIM one is off the hook.


    and the Mike mixes are actually on, so no effort exerted don't worry yoself girl lol

    Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (charles Dirty Remix) (5:09)
    Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (charles Full Joint Remix) (4:59)
    Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (charles' Full Dirty Mix) (5:09)

    Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (charles Roane Full Mix With Mute Drop) (4:42)
    Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (charles Roane Full Mix) (4:39)
    Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (charles Roane's Full R&ampb Mix) (4:22)

    i prefer the SIM mixes to TDCAU.

    enjoy ^.^

    if you need any more mixes, i have them fresh off the back of my pickup.

    well i'm Khaleeji as well which is why i love the smoother accents - our tongue is so harsh!

    ohh yeah ta'kul hem haha yeah that's silly, but being Iraqi i can give you phrases 60x more cringe-worthy o_o.

    and i'm pulling your leg btw, i honestly don't follow that ish LOL but in the process of my mother's rituals i did find out i am an eighth Turkish lol so some enlightenment can come out of these things :)
    there's nothing sexier and smoother than Syrian/Lebanese dialects and accents - everyone needs to learn that ish lol

    and believe what you want, i don't follow the rollercoaster relationship between Lamees and Ye7yah, however beautiful it is.
    yes i love 300-episodes long soap operas LOL

    it's on MBC 3raboo channel.

    ahh man i come on here to specifically escape this ish, stop talking about it now :P although i must commend your taste in women [img]
    oh bloody hell, it has reached a Michael Jackson forum

    my mum and her friends are obsessed with it, she has me taping it for her.

    she is fine, though. not my mum, but the actress LOL not that my mum isn't... errr whatever [IMG] lol
    oi oi, how's it goin?

    this will sound really weird if it isn't but is that a Turkish soap character on your avvy?
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