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  • "little boo boo's jippy community with additional talk about MJ" :lmao: ...yaknow I do agree with you there. And I do think this board as a whole isn't the best way to feel close to Michael with a lot of the crap that goes around. But the only thread I visit here is the Psychic thread - where we share our MJ-related dreams and little MJ "signs" we get every now and then. Me and the girls there are very's like a whole other world compared to the rest of the board. Our little corner of the universe. :p If it weren't for that thread I don't think I'd be on this board anymore.

    Anywho - trade and internet trade eh? Coolio. Hope you get a lot out of that! I could use some schooling on some stuff myself...maybe I'll be able to get that setup over the next year. Tough to do with regular work and a daughter!

    Well you take of yourself Brucey. Good to hear back from ya... much luck and love to you in everything! :huggy:
    Aw yeah well I know what you mean. This board has certainly had it's ups and downs. I only really come here for one thread now...haven't been around the board much for months. I'm also losing interest in just paroozing threads and shootin' the shit. But I still have to stick around in some way... 'cause I sorta feel more connected with Michael when I do.

    So you are starting school in week? Good for you! That's definitely a new page in life. What are you going to be studying?

    Nothing really new going on here...same ole same; work, daughter, Michael... and maybe some painting and songwriting here and there. That's about it. Doing good though. :)
    :nono: Why aren't you active here anymore? Don't you love Michael anymore...don't you love meeee? :weeping: Oh I get found yourself some rap artist and started another VM relationship on another message board. You know she can't jump on the trampoline with you like I can! And after all we've been through, you still you try to pull a 180 on me. -_- Well, I forgive you and it's all goes two ways, I get it. So now, if you aren't too busy with your other affairs... tell me what is new, what's been goin' down homeboy?
    Hey,Hey,Hey! :) I've been alright,I suppose. Hanging in there. It's good to hear from you all the same. :flowers:
    Pretty good thanks. Been a bit busy in my non-virtual life so haven't had much of a chance to check up on here lately lol :)
    Yeah... Yo Brucey,How's it hanging? :lol: How & where have you been hiding? I hope you're well. Much :wub:
    :lol: I remember seeing her now... Wow Thanks.. She is beautiful!! wow..I'm speechless. :flowers: At the time I wrote to you I was watching some old indie movies like Chelsea Walls. :wub:
    I'm okay, could be better....but ah well! No it wasn't allowed..boooo, they were constantly keeping an eye on the visitors. -_- I tried but my phone isn't good enough either so that didn't work haha.
    Hows it going with jobs, I remember you said you needed to find a new one right? Found anything cool yet?

    Lemme know if u might be going to London, could give tips if u want.
    Nighty night! :flowers:
    :D Hello! ... Just watching some DVDs. :lol: I used to always go around singing the part from 'Umbrella' 'ella ella ella ahh ahh ahh! ;) Megan Fox...? Nope I've never gotten that before..I know I heard that name,just need to refresh my memory..Off to google I go. :tease:
    I hope that you're doing good...
    Hey Alex! How's u? All going well up there in the north? Got back from London yesterday, was really awesome!
    I heard the Exhibition has been extended, so you still have a chance to go there spontaneously! ;D
    I know, these cunts are ruining this site. They watched one too many Columbo episodes.
    Hey! Well :cheers: 2 the New Year from me..2 You. Mine will arrive in more than 4 hours.. :timer: I wish much Love and fruition this decade 2 the world. :wub:
    P.S.I Love Shakira as well. :D
    :tease: <--- :lol:
    Hmmm, a pic of me with "toffsar" (you just taught me a new word, had never heard that one before).. Är du säker? Cuz I don't remember posting one, lol.

    Ahaa, kisses in the spirit of xmas..! :trytobeangel Daring.... :p

    I hope you've had a peaceful and relaxing christmas, with loads of good food and loving people around you :newyear:
    Ooh these look so warm & comfy! :heart: Wish I had a pair of those's like the North Pole here when I look out of my window...(okay maybe exaggerating a bit) but seriously haven't seen such weather here ever. :bugeyed
    And awesome gift for your parents, bet they're gonna love it!

    We kept it low budget here; got a chocolate fondue thingy, a Xmas lottery scratch card (only 1 piece missin' before I got 100.000 euro, ARGH!), and just some girly stuff like nail polish etc. Plus already treated myself well yesterday when I went shopping, so I'm more than thankful! :D

    Guess we've been good kids this year, yay! :cheeky:
    Enjoy your days, Alex!
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