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  • Aww, hello Mel. :hug:

    I miss our chats too. I'm glad to hear you're well and congratulations on becoming a great aunt (again :lol:). I'm well, I've been busy. I'm looking at colleges and trying to get through my remaining years of high school.

    Feel free to email me any time. (I don't think I have your email and i don't know if you have mine, but I can PM it to you)

    Talk to you soon.
    :hug: I was worried... but now I know you are alive... hope everything is ok. Take care and see you soon. :heart:

    Ok cool thanks i appericate it :D i can buy it tomorrow when i go out with my mum & nonna . Well mel i better get going as mum is coming early tomorrow morning & i gotta pack my stuff b4 i leave it to the last mintue.

    You take care ok

    :love: ya

    BYE! :waving:
    Sorry for taking long to reply, my computer is being a AHOLE and it takes forever for this page to come on- i hate my comp lol

    I was wondering would it be ok if you could ask your mum the name of that cream? cuz it sounds like a good cream and we really need one for here at dads house.

    Meh im going bck to mums tomorrow and apart of me doesnt wanna go bck, i like being here at das lol
    YAY !!!! :clap: they are gonna be awesome u do them on sat :)

    and they look cool on that pic too.

    Im alright apart from my friggen hand being bitten by mozzies again tonight and now my right hand looks red and feels a lil hot. But i think it maybe cuz i put lavender hand cream on it after i noticed the redness as we dont have the proper cream for it or it could be cuz of the mozzies- not sure
    That is great she has finally realised what kind of man he really is and is ending it with him :)

    Just wish my mum would do the same with my stepdad lol

    Speaking of mum you are never gonna belive this: my bro & i went to see her on sat for her bday but she wasnt home but my stepdad was. I asked him if she went to bingo and he said yes then a few mins later she comes home like limping, found out she hit her toe on the couch and it was swollen. Then just the other night my bro comes home ( here at dads) limping as well! turns out he injured himself at footy LOL! I swear im scared its gonna happend to me next. so i've been taking care of him trying to help him out as much as i can and i swear im going nuts lol
    My gosh A wedding at dreamworld, now that would be cool!

    I want a traditonal italian wedding for mine re: the church & reception but i might have a dj for entertainment. My gosh look at me im going on bout weddings and im not even getting married! lol i guess it cuz i thought i would be married by now .
    I know how u feel as i found out that it is gonna rain on sunday and im very pissed off bout it. Its bad enough the wedding is gonna be at the zoo! lol

    Yeh im usually up around 8:00am even when i dont sleep at all during the night like i did last night. I could hear like loud banging noises coming from inside and totally freaked me out, so much so that i got sick. Turns out it was the freezer in the laundry as something was goin on with the frozen ice in it
    Awww he calls it toot toot, that is so adorable

    Sounds like u all are gonna have a awesome time :)

    and the kids will have a ball playing in that huge playground. AC is gonna preform on monday next week on sunrise :wild: cant wait for it , but i have to get my mum to record it for me as i wont be here at mums next week :(
    Ohhh tylers is gonna have a thomas tank engine bday party- bet he is going to love that :)

    What stuff have u planned for it?
    Boo i see u too! :p

    Nope didnt ring but i did sms ya lol

    hey what happened to my new nickname gumbie? u didnt call me gumbie tonite :(
    Well thats good news u are not gonna die :) but sucks that you gotta fo through those tests. Wish u all the best with them.

    Well my day sucked today again as we stayed home :blowup: i swear if i spend one more inside here i will go nuts! I got my mum to fix my dress that im gonna wear for my cosuin's weddng on sunday, looks nice i suppose.
    Awwww that was sweet of ur grandad to give you lollies :)

    Maybe talk with your sister and ask her for some suggestions, she might think up of something good to write .

    Hey mel i g2g as its getting late

    You take care ok

    :love: ya

    Bye! :waving:
    Gosh u still get those headaches- not good :(

    With ur grandmas speech thing just write down like what would be the best memory you have of her and how special she is to your family
    That is the one thing i hate bout macca's food , the way it goes off real quick. Yes i checked my email b4 and my msn opened up but i logged out of it cuz my comp has been frezzing up alot tonight.

    Im alright thanks but feeling a lil crazy cuz i havent gone out anywhere all weekend & today and its driving me nutty! lol
    *I meant its so unfair as how im i ever gonna find myself a man with my bro not letting any guy come near me*
    Yeh i had a good night apart from nose bleeding and my throat is being an ass , but i wonder what it would have been like to have had danced with the guy who asked for a dance. It just so unfair as im gonna find myslef a man with my bro not letting any guy come near me and my family laughing bout it and not caring for my feelings bout it.

    That good that ur dad had a good fathers day :) we gave our dad hsi presents yesterday cuz we knew we would be too buggered today to do anything , so we just had a quiet day at home
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