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  • Thats ok :)

    Hows fathers day for you all today? hope your dad had a lovely day. Last night omg i swear to god i have never had so many guys trying to get with me!!!!! one guy bloody pointing his finger at me and like talking to me, the other had asked me if i was italian and i said yes so he spoke italian to me ( i told him i dont speak it but he kept doing it the whole night!) Then my nose started bleeding so this other giy came up to me asking of i was ok and he gave me some tissues & some ice to stopped the bleeding, a few mins later he askes me for a dance!!!!!!!!!! and he went behind me and pinched my but and took off! it was so werid . I didnt go with any of them as i didnt know whther to laugh or be freaked out and plus my overprotive brother kept hounding me and not letting any guys go near me so i didnt tell him what those did :lol:
    Really? that is just so werid man :wtf:, like with me it was taking forever for the page upload which was annoying. Im so happy i got a nice new dress for my cousins hen night and it looks so nice :) , its like a blue/grey dress with straps . Also my muj said i can get the proper costume i want for my other cousins dress up bday in sept :D , one of mu mums friends gave me one thought but it just looked so wrong on me - it looked like a child warrior costume on me!!! lol

    How is my fave Wicked girl? I'm doing pretty well... enjoying my free time... and .... here.... ;)

    Take care :heart:
    Hi how are you ? :)

    Since you're on ma friend list, I just wanted to tell ya that i changed ma username (ma former username is pac) so that u do not get confused. :)

    Holidays are here! :yes: well.... I have to finish some reports and paperwork but at home!

    I hope you are doing ok and the kitten too! :wub: Keep me updated about Lucy... sure she gets the part :D

    Have a great time with your sis and the kids. Take care hun.

    :heart: ya!
    LOL true

    Im looking forward for next week as i will be seeing my neice & nephew since they will be on school holidays :), cant wait.

    How is tasha doing?.......i did get your cats name right yeh??..
    Hi sweetie!

    I'm ok... I was only a bit sad... 2 years.... so difficult to believe, but I was listening to his music and dancing with my little niece so it was ok...

    :girl_aww: a kitten :wild: I love kittens, they are so cute! You are very lucky. My hubby is allergic to cats :lol: so no way to have one!

    WOW.... sure Lucy gets it! Anyway I'll keep all my body crossed :D

    Here we are having a heat wave, so it's horrible... but they said that tomorrow the temperatures would go down :heat: and my holidays start on Friday so :woohoo: Free time, swimming pool and my fave.... doing nothing :lmao:

    Take care hun :hug:

    :love: ya!
    I guess you are enjoying your last days... and I'm happy to know our little common addiction is still there :girl_whistle: I'm afraid I'll have to control myself for some time as I got a speeding ticket today :doh: and it hurts :(

    Have a wonderful time and be back safe and sound, you are missed :hug:

    Take care :heart:

    Thank god ur okay, i have been worried bout you missy! I sent u a sms the other day and wasnt sure if u got it or not and thats when i started getting worried.

    Glad your holiday is going great :) our weather here is cold & windy which sucks
    I'm happy to hear from you... and to know the weather is good and you are having a great time :yes: Enjoy it as much as you can :hug:

    I haven't been around much cause as holidays are approaching I have a lot of work and things to do, and I need to focus and not get distracted, but I miss you all a lot. :friends:

    The weather is great... well a bit too hot sometimes but if it isn't now when can it be hot then? :lol:

    Hope to hear from you soon, take care and have fun!

    :heart: ya!

    I guess you are in Cairns by now... enjoy your time there and the weather :sun: and congrats! :wild: You are a lucky girl, your're gonna see your dear friends again... I agree it is worth missing a day in Cairns :yes:

    I'm gonna be very busy for a couple of weeks... but I'll check to see if you had time to log in and see how you are doing :hug:

    Take care, enjoy your holidays and be :naughty:

    :heart: ya!

    oh hey did u tell u i lost my credit card!..:banghead:

    I have been stressing out as i cant find it anywhere but luckly mum cancled it for me. But still i cant remember for the life of me where i put it last, cuz i was sure i put it in my wallet
    Lol i should getting to bed soon myself but i just cant be bothered getting up!

    I want that generations pack :awe: its not fair grrr lol
    I forgot bour your trip to cairns whopps lol, im sure u will have a brillant time there :)

    Ohh cool and how is that genration pack?
    :lol: Well I'm sure you do more than gossiping... but it was funny the way you said it!

    Well... only a couple more of days and you'll be enjoying the good weather... here it's a bit crazy... now 30º and next day 15º and rainy... hot and windy.... warm and cloudy :shout: but this is the end of spring I guess! :D

    I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed it! If I don't talk to you before you leave... have a good journey and great fun in Cairns! :hug:

    Take care! :heart: ya!

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