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  • Good girl :lol: going to Uni to have goss session! :D But I admit that's the funniest part!

    Well... the 9th is closer than it looks... so I guess you'll be busy packing soon! I hate that part of holidays, I always forget something :shout: but maybe you are an organized person :scratch: I'm sure the weather will be fine in Cairns... and yep... Australia is a bit far from Spain to pay you a visit... but who knows... maybe a day...

    I'm gonna have a coffee and try to keep awake....

    Take care sweetie!

    :heart: ya!

    I hope you feel totally recovered by now and your cough has disappeared... and your comeback to Uni isn't to hard :D I guess we'll talk before you leave to Cairns... but just in case I forget.... have fun! :hug: I will have to wait four more weeks for my holidays, but it won't be till August I'll go abroad :sighs:

    Take care hun and smile!

    :heart: ya!

    Oh shoot

    well im :censored: then LOL

    But like u were saying b4, i do feel like a slave at times with housework but there nothing i can do bout it. No matter how much i tell them i cant handle it my bro still does what he wants and it annoys me.

    The same thing at mums me & her do most of the housework and the excuse my mum gives my stepdad is that he "works" and she just doesnt listen. This weekend they are cleaning out garbage for the tip to come and luckly i wont be there as all i'll be doing all weekend is helping them
    hey do u know how to stop werid dreams from happening? lol

    i have been having it every night an dit freaking me out
    All thats cool :)

    Im good thanks apart from having a crap lunch , just housework and thats bout it
    Aww no im hope u will feel better soon :hug:

    Im still at dads LOL and i think im gonna stay here untill the long weekend is finshed :)
    :D I'm happy to know you feel better, but you are right, rest as much as you can.

    Take care :hug: and hope you recover totally very soon!

    :heart: ya!

    Oi missy u havent been on here in ages!

    I tried smsing u the other day but i think it ddint send through as i have kinda dropped my phone a bit too many times lol

    How r ya?
    Aww! I hope you feel better :better: and don get any headaches! Take care sweetie... I know you know what to do but be careful... the first winter colds are bad! :hug:

    We had another really hot day yesterday... the truth is that it's not normal for this time of the year.... I guess global warming is there!

    Be good, take all your medicine and stay home till you feel ok!

    :heart: ya!

    Monday is over :wild: so no worries now!! Everything is ok here... but yesterday was terribly hot for this time of the year... 35º :heat: but it happens sometimes...

    Enjoy your warm weather and have as much fun as you can hun! :hug:

    See you soon! :heart: ya!

    I'm great.... :wild: I shouldn't be... as tomorrow is Monday and I have a long week ahead but I feel good!! And wow!!! Cairns :sigh: I remember I liked it a lot :yes: so sure you'll have a wonderful time!! And then Sydney... you are a real globetrotter like me!! :woohoo:

    Don't worry I complain about the weather but I prefer it to the cold one... :giggle: the thing's to have something to complain about :lol:

    I'm happy you feel better with your part time studies... be good and take care hun :hug:

    :heart: ya!

    :D How is my sweet Bubbles doing? :hug: I hope you're ok... here enjoying the weekend although it's a bit too hot!

    Take care hun! :heart:

    :lol: It's a deal then!! But I warn you... here winter can be really cold... very windy... but summer is so hot.... :lol: but at least no humidity here!!! Now we are having crazy weather... one day is terribly hot and next it is cloudy and not so hot!! But at least cold days are gone!!!

    Weekend is really close and can't wait!! :wild: I hope you are doing great at Uni and enjoy your time! Take care! :hug:

    :heart: ya!!

    i know u wouldnt and i appercate it :D

    went looking around today for a outfit for my lil cousins birthday party and couldnt find anything decent grrr

    I swear i hate my body
    Omg i hate when ppl to that, its so annoyine aye

    My friends do that to me all the time which is why i dont hang out with them anymore as they tend tp leave me out in things anyway
    Im good thanks :)

    Just had lunch then watched these monks that are here as they are making some like sand castle type thing
    :lol: I know what is having your little ones around! But I guess you feel like me... I love them... even though it's exhausting!! :yes:

    Ok... we can make a deal... I keep your secret, you keep mine and when we meet (one day we will) we'll go shopping together and set our credit cards on fire!! :lmao: And if you come here in our winter I'll take you to the snow... it's a promise! :hug:

    Well hun, take care and enjoy the weather while it's good! :heart:ya!!

    that ok

    cool i think thomas the tank sounds perfect gift for him, just hope he likes thomas
    Omg i posed on my own page!!!!! :doh: ..opps lol

    hey do u have any ideas on what to get for a 1 yr old bday? me n my bro cant seem to figure out what to get lol
    Its not worth getting all worked up bout it as it will spoil the excitment of going and that sucks

    I cooked chips today for lunch......but they turned out not that great lol. Im such a bad cook hahaha
    tell nessi if they havent replyed back she should not to worry bout it, cuz hey at least u two can still go :D
    yeh i was gonna say..... lol i was a bit :blink: there for a min lol

    When is her bday? i forgot

    Who is going with u guys? do they have facebook? cuz if they do u guys could message them on there and ask them whats going on
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