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  • hey babe its me im sorry about last night i was taken to hospital after fainting i dont remember what i said to u hun but honestly i wasnt ignoring you i swear on my life i had a migraine all day yesterday i guess it all got to much for me as my pain killers werent touching it still a bit unwell now but im getting back to normal slowly have a good easter xxxx
    oh ok, grr computers hey..makes me sometimes wish they werent invented....nah im glad that they r invented :p
    Sorry bout last nite hun,
    My comp shut off unexpectingly and mind u i had my charger on!..it was so werid
    and then my mob went off at the same time!
    Aw, thank you for support. But not going to get better! I feel SOOOO down today :( I've been crying all day........ I want to die...just go away.. there is nothing left for me here! Nothing....not anymore. I want to die now! I'm slowly dieing anyway...day by day. I have no more strenght to struggle, I can't bare the pain anymore. Sometimes I try to think myself to death; hoping that there really is a Law Of Attraction so that I can attract to myself my own death because it seems I lack the courage to do it myself. And there are a lot of people who just don't understand.. I can't deal any longer, don't want to go on without Michael in my life, nothing has meaning anymore. Why did he had to go? :weeping:
    :no: I'm so sad and depressed. I want to die so bad and when I tell anyone, they just say it will get better. It doesn't get better. I am so sick of hearing that. I am tired of being told it is ok. I am alone. I WANT TO DIE :weeping:
    Aww I feel so bad... but still, have to come here, its so bizarre!
    Take care love.. I am thinking of you always and sending much Love and (((HUGS))) to You. I Love You xxxx
    Thanks. :hug: I had send you a message today, but only just realised it has not been sent to you.... How are you doing?

    Sending much love to you...... :heart:
    Thank you dear...what a pleasant surprise to hear from you! I'm glad that people didn't forget me around here although I haven't posted so much lately... Lots of L.O.V.E
    Oh you have air con? *is jealous* lol! I've got this fan going haha... A movie night sounds good :yes:
    Yeah me too. Nah no plans really. Might go into the city though, maybe to Yarra park if I can find it haha.
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