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  • aw :huggy:I hope the struggles have gone by now.. :( Hope you are fine hun. Sending you my love and strengths :heart:

    I'm happy to see your message on my visitor board. I hope you are all good and fine :hug:
    Missing you a lot :heart:
    dear, I havent heard from you since Christmas. I hope you had a great New Year and happy always :) Miss you dear. Hope you are doing well there..

    Hello! :hug: Thank you! And a magical, Michael filled Christmas to you too. I hope you have a lovely time.:*
    sorry for a late reply. I am good thanks ! How are you ? Hope you fine as well. Wow, I cant believe Michael's album is coming. I am speechless.
    how are you lately? I hope you doing fine there :)
    Haven't been talking to you lately and thinking about you. I rarely post here recently due to my final and projects. Hoping to chat with you soon :) Really miss ya ^__^
    aw thanks *hugs back*
    I'm okay here. I hope you fine too :)
    It's Michael's birthday today. I really dont know what to do and to think :(
    *hugs* Bubby, what's making you feeling not good ?I hope you are well and healthy over there :( Let me know if there's anything I can do to help or you need a listener. I'll be there for you. I hope things troubling you can be solved asap :) Lots of love to you, Bubby !
    dear bubbyduck,
    *hugs* havent heard from you since previous msg. I hope you are doing fine and well. Lots of love ^^ :)
    *hugs tight* aw thanks. Yes. MJJC is the best community ever. Blessed with kind and helpful fans. I'm so glad I found this forum. If not I wouldnt have got the chance to know you wonderful people.

    I'm feeling a bit better today and I hope you are too. Love you too ^^And same here, you are very welcome if you need to talk too. Anything besides Michael. I'll try my best to help :)
    *hugs bubby tightly* aw, thankx Bubby. I'm alright. I'm just feeling so blank,numb and lost yesterday. I dont understand why. I couldnt really cry :( How was yesterday ? I didnt know the impersonator but I'm sure he was a great :) I hope you are okay too, dear. You've been very good friend and kind *hugs*
    *hugs* *hugs* so good to see you again :) I have internet issue as well while away from home. I miss Michael so so much. I cant live without him! He's my personal heroin X_X His anniversary is approaching and I dont know what to do still :( What's your plan on June 25th ?
    hi bubby !! I miss you too *hugs* It's really good to see your visitor messages again ^^ I hope the internet wont cause anymore trouble to you again :) How are you ?
    hi dearie,

    :huggy: aw, I get that too sometimes. I've been avoiding the 1958-Forever thread like ages. But this did not help either. Whenever I saw children dying or sick, they reminded me of what Michael would do and feel if he's still around.. :( I think you should go to Man In The Mirror. This thread never failed to lift up my mood :) I cant let you not check this forum often. Lolx, I'm gonna miss you..
    I think I handled my frustration quite well. It has settled :) thxxx bubby :huggy: I hope your frustration gone too.. :) What's the trip with the doc about ? I hope you are okay, hun. Lol you like duckies so much I see XD I love ducks and probably all the farm animals too. They are too adorable.
    hi dearie,
    welcome back.Miss you so much :huggy: Glad we could talk again. I've been feeling frustrated over something I shouldnt and not understand. I hope I could settle this soon enough. I hope you are okay too :) Where have you been ?? :)
    Dear, how are you?
    Miss you ok?
    Please, where you live?
    I live in Brasil!!!
    God bless you :better:
    Hello hun :hug: Today I did my oral Spanish exam which is pretty easy for me because I'm Spanish but the tape-recorder makes me nervous lol. I've got two more left to do, history (the Russian Revolution) and history of art (Greece and Arabian art). Where did you go and why didn't you want to go? I hope you're alright. How's everything going? :hug:
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