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  • aw :huggy:I hope the struggles have gone by now.. :( Hope you are fine hun. Sending you my love and strengths :heart:

    I'm happy to see your message on my visitor board. I hope you are all good and fine :hug:
    Missing you a lot :heart:
    dear, I havent heard from you since Christmas. I hope you had a great New Year and happy always :) Miss you dear. Hope you are doing well there..

    Hello! :hug: Thank you! And a magical, Michael filled Christmas to you too. I hope you have a lovely time.:*
    sorry for a late reply. I am good thanks ! How are you ? Hope you fine as well. Wow, I cant believe Michael's album is coming. I am speechless.
    how are you lately? I hope you doing fine there :)
    Haven't been talking to you lately and thinking about you. I rarely post here recently due to my final and projects. Hoping to chat with you soon :) Really miss ya ^__^
    aw thanks *hugs back*
    I'm okay here. I hope you fine too :)
    It's Michael's birthday today. I really dont know what to do and to think :(
    *hugs* Bubby, what's making you feeling not good ?I hope you are well and healthy over there :( Let me know if there's anything I can do to help or you need a listener. I'll be there for you. I hope things troubling you can be solved asap :) Lots of love to you, Bubby !
    dear bubbyduck,
    *hugs* havent heard from you since previous msg. I hope you are doing fine and well. Lots of love ^^ :)
    *hugs tight* aw thanks. Yes. MJJC is the best community ever. Blessed with kind and helpful fans. I'm so glad I found this forum. If not I wouldnt have got the chance to know you wonderful people.

    I'm feeling a bit better today and I hope you are too. Love you too ^^And same here, you are very welcome if you need to talk too. Anything besides Michael. I'll try my best to help :)
    *hugs bubby tightly* aw, thankx Bubby. I'm alright. I'm just feeling so blank,numb and lost yesterday. I dont understand why. I couldnt really cry :( How was yesterday ? I didnt know the impersonator but I'm sure he was a great :) I hope you are okay too, dear. You've been very good friend and kind *hugs*
    *hugs* *hugs* so good to see you again :) I have internet issue as well while away from home. I miss Michael so so much. I cant live without him! He's my personal heroin X_X His anniversary is approaching and I dont know what to do still :( What's your plan on June 25th ?
    hi bubby !! I miss you too *hugs* It's really good to see your visitor messages again ^^ I hope the internet wont cause anymore trouble to you again :) How are you ?
    hi dearie,

    :huggy: aw, I get that too sometimes. I've been avoiding the 1958-Forever thread like ages. But this did not help either. Whenever I saw children dying or sick, they reminded me of what Michael would do and feel if he's still around.. :( I think you should go to Man In The Mirror. This thread never failed to lift up my mood :) I cant let you not check this forum often. Lolx, I'm gonna miss you..
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