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    Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    Vicky, Serres Greece
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    What was the last thing you bought?

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    The MJ song battle Game.

    Human nature vs I just can't stop loving you
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    This or That

    Boys! Cute or Sexy?
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    Finish the phrase

    ... you wanna trip on me I'm proud of...
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    When Was the Last Time?

    Re: When was the last time..? A week ago, I think! When was the last time you watched a movie?
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    Have you ever...?

    Yeap! Have you ever been heart broken?
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    Kiss or Diss?

    Kiss! Strawberries?
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    You're banned...

    You're banned for having my favourite part of IJCSLY in your siggy!!! :P
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    *How low can we go?*

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    The MJ video battle game...

    Dirty Diana vs Give in to me
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    What's The Time?

    11:48 pm
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    Michael Joseph Jackson thread

    Re: Michael Joseph Jackson thead Joseph