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  • Camp!!!

    I miss you online!
    Where are you? And how are you?!

    Thank you Camp:huggy:
    merry Christmas and happy new year to you too sweetheart:heart:
    The flight was cancelled due to snow! :weeping:
    2009 sucks..
    We're planning to go in 2010 though!

    How are you darling? :huggy:
    Camp darling! :santa:
    I wish you a Merry Christmas! :huggy:

    lol and I posted that message below to your ' :p ', not to that edited post :lol:

    *edit though that message below was actually for the siamese twins thing, lol whatever..
    :lol:...good luck with that hun:hug:...try to finish that fast though you're deeply missed in the manhood thread:shifty:

    and I'm fine:)
    Aaah you better! :she_devil: :lol:

    :shifty: I don't like where this is going Apples.. Don't like it one bit. :coffee:
    No AHIPP!
    NO CAMP!
    OMG! :doh: :lol:

    Camp! You still want me to touch the bad tour outfit for ya?! :coffee:
    Totally wish I could do that :shock:
    :dropdead: Don't give me bad ideas Camp! :nono:
    *puts on list "campari; Bad tour outfit"*

    I bet I'm gonna get kicked out for touching everything like a thousand times! :lmao:
    OMG Michael's stuff :naughty: Didn't even think about it that way when I phrased it :lmao:
    You bad girl! :lol:

    :lol: IKR.. I was gonna take a shower 2 hours ago!
    I always have to remind myself; first shower, then turn on computer. Not the other way around. :lol:

    Haven't done the arm stretching yet :fear: I need to work on that! :fear:
    What do you want me to touch for you!? :lol:
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