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  • are you being sarcastic that i thought you weren't sarcastic in that thread when you were sarcastic? (speaking from your rep point) am i making any sense? lol and thank you for giving me the extra shove to push me into three bars with your awesome rep.
    yeah i actually thought it might be sarcasm :D but i still think the way i answered to your post so it's ok :)
    Hey Carina, I was just wondering if you had a deviant art profile?
    I was looking through peoples MJ art & found some beautiful work...If its not you, someone has your name & amazing work :p hehe
    Hope your well :D
    Don't tell me you suck at memorising streets and roads like me as well. ;) Wow, icy roads. That's a problem we never have in Sydney, phew...
    lol yeah but I only drive like a couple blocks away. And its the only place I drive too lol. I have the same phobia. Especially during the winter when the roads are all icy, that is the worst!!
    lol I actually avoid it as much as possible. Thankfully my job is pretty close I dont have to drive too far. I have a phobia of highways lol
    Glad to know im not alone :D I heard somewhere Michael didnt care too much for driving either.
    Lol! Thanks Carina. The first one, I really cant tell if thats the one I have.
    I love it no mattter. The 2nd one is just MJGangsta! Hahaha!
    Nah, I'd do the same thing in your position. :lol:
    I got these from my favourite MJ gallery - so check out everything there. :D

    Not sure.
    I got a couple from that shoot but in this one the pose looks a bit different.
    Please, yes, send it along with your avatar. Hee, hee!
    Thank yoooouuuu! :D
    Am I greedy or what? Lol!
    I love your new siggy.. gorgeous!!!
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