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  • Oh crap, I see you haven't been on in a while!:bugeyed I hope you haven't left for good?!:thinking:
    I had also few chances to speak in English, especially in Hungary when you don't understand their language, in Slovakia or Czech Republic I understand a lot, cuz I'm lucky with knowing their lang too :lol: anyway good to be at home and be online hereeeee..finally! :D and thanks for your all wishes :hug:

    How was your week Sweetie? Is everything fine? :) I'm sorry for your pics and music you have a copy? :) aprart from that, is everything fine?

    Hope to see you soon! :huggy: :heart:
    Hiiiiiiii! :wild:

    :doh: I was in so much rush before the trip that I confused users :lmao: anyway you know what I wanted to say hahaha :D whatever :sleep: :toofunny:

    haha anyway you had no messages from me since almost 2 weeks, so are you happy now? :sleep: :lmao:

    Close after my arrival I was tired and exhausted that I need to relax and sleep everything and collect energy, I know it's almost inconceivable but my crazy tyłek was really tired of so much time of walking and sightseeing :lol: and my power was near to end :lol: I had a lil break of MJJC too cuz I felt I need it, but now crazy Tyłek is backkkkk and ready to take a serious action here! :lol: I had GREAT TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEE many funny situations hahahaha :D only 3 days of trip and I've been laughing like for 3 weeks in a row :lol:
    :( again I was late.... maybe next time... miss you sweet Cul! :hug:

    Have a great day and enjoy your breakfast :shifty:

    Bonjour my dear Cul :hug:

    I hope you have a great day today.... and lots of fun and a :naughty: breakfast

    :doh: I spent all morning doing the same with my mom's computer :lol: Trojans are in the air.... Aww so sorry for you music and pics.... did you have a copy? If not, you will do it next time (there's always a first time.... :yes: now I make copy of everything :lol:)

    Just five more working days and my holidays will start.... so I hope that we can chat a little bit then :hug:
    Hope the trip will be fantastic! (fast walking for sure :lmao:) Dear Elke, I'll be back on Sunday early morning, so this day will be reserved for relaxing and uploading pics :lol: :p

    Hope you had a good day today and enjoyed it :hug: and you feel good as well :)

    We will talk really soon! Till then please take care of yourself and be :naughty: :D

    I will miss ya too! :hug: and I promise you to have as much fun as I can! :wild:
    Much love and kisses :heart:

    PS. I'll show you whole pics session from both trips after my come back, okay? :hug: ;)
    Hi Sweetie!

    This is my last message before my departure :hug: won't be online till Sunday I guess, because of the trip to 3 capitols :)

    I'm ready to go, I finished with packing, it was easy cuz only 3day to calculate so less clothes to take :lol: I was in rush today cuz I had to help my mom with insurance card, and then do a lil shopping for the trip and also for a dinner, then I went cycling + gym session (my trainer had his session too :naughty: :p so I saw his muscles in action :lol:) and now I've finally few breaths and relax before I take my rucksack and go travel in night train at 8.45 pm :lol: I'll be in Bratislava around 6 am ;)
    Morning my sweet Cul! :hug:

    I see you went to bed :shifty: early today. I hope you have a great day and lots of fun with cute Danone.

    Take care and enjoy your breakfast :D

    Hi my dear Cul! :huggy:

    I noticed 'purple' name this morning and I was :wtf:...lolz I don't understand why and what's going on here :lmao: but the best thing I've an access to arcade games now and I guess I'll be addicted soon :doh: which isn't good.. :p thanks for congrats Sweetie :cheers:

    I'm great! Just can't wait for tomorrow cuz it's my day of departure :woohoo: 3 days trip to 3 capitals is waiting for me and I'm so excited!! :wild: :jump: Don't miss me so much, cuz I'll come back sooner than you think :lol: I'll be back on Sunday ;)

    Yea, funny thing cuz I go to the gym and have tiring trainings there and I should feel exhausted or at least tired after all.. and imagine... I'm even more eneretic after gym and :wtf: I can go cycling close after! :lmao: interesting... :lol:

    And how are you? :hug: how is your life going? :)

    cool :lol:

    well I'm fine, I've got one more exam tomorrow and then I'm done with everything and I'm finally freeee! :D
    Good morning pretty Cul :hug:

    Have a wonderful day, enjoy your time with Danone and your breakfast alone :shifty:

    Take care :D

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