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  • Congrats for being :number_1:


    I wish you are ok sweetie :hug: Miss you a lot! A good breakfast to start the week properly :shifty:


    I just want to say 'hi' and congratulate you on becoming the top poster on the forum:

    Buenos días sweet Cul! :hug:

    So sorry about your weather... here it's incredibly hot I wish I could send you some of it :yes:

    Enjoy your weekend and your little breakfast :D

    Good morning my pretty Cul :huggy:

    I hope you are having good weather and enjoying it! :yes: Here it's a bit hot... but summer is almost here and that's the usual thing... in winter we freeze and in summer :heat: :lol:

    Have fun and enjoy again your breakfast :heart:

    Hello my dear Cul :hug:

    I'm glad to know you're ok (and Danone as crazy as usual).... I'm still very busy.... but holidays are closer :D

    Take care

    Hi there, :)

    I am o. k. too, just came back home from work. Not so funny after 4 days work off.:p

    Of course I like to see Danone. Was he today a good boy?:p

    cu Elke:hug:
    Morning my dear Cul :hug:

    I hope you are doing ok... I've been very busy and taking a good rest :lol: Two more weeks and holidays will be here! :wild:

    I wanted to leave you your Monday breakfast :naughty: Enjoy your day! :heart:

    BTW I'm still waiting for your photo Sweetie! :naughty: :shifty:

    lalalalaaaa... :girl_whistle: :lol:

    My cat is saying 'hello' back :lol: :D

    :lol: :hug: picture is taken by my new 'baby' :shifty:

    Take care! :wub:

    PS. Yea, I know... another long VM :sleep: just don't say anything okayyyyyyyy :sleep: (:toofunny:)
    OMG you've no idea how happy I'm with these exams :lol: such a relief :D no more studying :p only finish last project and last straightaway with master thesis, and I'll be DONE with everything with school related! :girl_happy: maybe I'll go to another course but in time, not now, cuz now I'm tired fo studying :puke: :)

    Ohhh grandmothers!!! hahahaha tell me about it! I live with mine! :eek: so she can't say I'm skinny or fat cuz she sees me every day, but I know how you feel cuz when I got back home from every trip (even short one like 3days) she can't resist and keeps talking and judging - that's I got new tan, or I'm somewhat taller :)wtf: ??? hahahaha) or I lost weight etc's funny how they always can see things which aren't true :lmao: but gossssssssssh :doh: I hope your granny won't call you back every day with the same questions :blink: it would be very annoying :lol:

    :dont_mention_it: hahaha you're welcome for long VM, but I see I got you infected cuz you sent me not that short one like you used to :lol: :naughty: so you're improving! :lol:

    Yea I'm completely :crazy: with physical activity last days, but I feel much better, I had so much energy because of spring oscillations in temperatures or hormones :lol: and now I've found a good and healthy way to burn it a bit ;) BTW I just came back home from 2,5hrs bike trip :lol: :dropdead:
    Today I felt some kinda depressed, I guess because of weather which goes nuts latety!!! :lol: one day +30, another one +18 :crazy: Today we've grey, cloudy, rainy shit weather and that's why I'm sleepy and not in the best mood... but anyway I went swimming in the evening so it woke me up a bit :lol: plus night cycling was... funny! :p

    I don't think I'm gonna survive any minute longer here cuz I'm :sleep: as a hell! I went to swimming pool at 8pm (they almost closed the pool :toofunny:) :lmao: and now I'm totally relaxed but tired as Ima tell you sweet dreams and good night and Ima go to bed :hug:

    Nighty night Sweetie! Remember about smile!!! :hug: :wild: and see you and talk to you later for sure!

    :heart: :huggy:

    PS. don't worry about the weather, it changes all the time so... sooner or later you'll have sunny one! ;)
    Hi! :wild:

    I'm good, thanks :hug: I can't enjoy my holidays yet, cuz I've to finish writing my last UNI project and then finish writing master you know... few weeks to go... but with exams is over! Yeaaaaaa finally! :girl_happy:

    I started my first gym session in life yesterday :giggle: and I'm determinated and very motivated to continue cuz I feel much better, lighter and healthy after everything I make! :D I'm focusing on sport activities now, cuz my exams are finally ended and I'm only waiting for results :) now my life looks like sporty girl :giggle: I'm completely infected by sport virus :lol: swimming 3x per week, gym 3x per week, only Sunday I've free...and ofc I go cycling everywhere I can... if I've swim day then I ride a bike to pool, the same with gym club :D
    Morning pretty Cul :hug:

    I'm very busy lately... you know... the end of the course, but I'll try to come to post your breakfast... if I don't it's not I have forgotten you, it's I don't have time :D

    Take care and have a great time!

    Hi my dear aunt Cul! :D

    How are you? :) And how's my fav bunny Danone? :wild:

    Hugs :hug:
    Morning sweet Cul! :hug:

    I'm happy to hear from you :D I prepared a good breakfast, so enjoy it... (tell Danone aunt Culo isn't happy with his behaviour ;) )

    Buenos días my pretty Cul! :hug:

    I hope you are ok and enjoying the good weather! :D Here you are.... breakfast...

    Morning! :hug: Better if I said afternoon :lol: but this morning I didn't have time to prepare your breakfast.... will you forgive me? :pray:

    But I have a bit of lunch ready for you! :shifty: Take care sweetie

    A piece of my b-day cake for dear Cul aunt is waiting!! :dribble: Bon appetit Sweetie!

    I'm so happy todayyyyyyy :girl_happy: :girl_dance: can't stop dancing in my room!! :woohoo:

    Dunno if I see you online know... :drunk: :lmao: :girl_whistle: for now I'm okay but later...dunno.. :lol: so I can't promise :lmao:

    PS. my ear is burning!!! and FB is overloaded!!! :doh: :crazy:
    Thank you Sweetie! :hug: one year more on my account :doh: :lol:

    hahha! I'm gonna have fantastic time today!! :girl_happy: but don't worry Ima keep one piece of cake for ya! :hug: :D

    For Popofamily :cheers: and my 25th brithday :)doh: :lol:): :drunk:

    Kisssssssses!! :heart:
    Bonjour pretty Cul! :hug:

    Here the weather is a bit crazy too.... raining, then sunny, then windy... but at least the temperatures are good... I hope you can go out with your bike.

    :lol: Do you have a rabbit or a goat? You'll have to watch Danone carefully.... or you'll need a shrink :lmao:

    Have a great day and a better breakfast!

    I can feel you... had the same few days ago :sigh: and normal after all these changes in weather :crazy: :lol: I hate it too! :lol: Thank God we've pleasant wind today so the heat isn't unbearable :)
    I can feel you... had the same few days ago :sigh: and normal after all these changes in weather :crazy: :lol: I hate it too! :lol: Thank God we've pleasant wind today so the heat isn't unbearable :)
    :shock: :blink: only 11? WTF :wtf: :eek: poor Cul! :better: I can give you few degrees, but only few!! not more than 6 :lol: :D
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