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  • hi sweetie,there's nothing new going on unffortunately.All i see is time flying,and nothing changes.I'm just tired of everything.
    How are you doing?miss you so my friend!|
    Hi Cass,

    Thank you for asking..
    I'm having serious mood swings. Sometimes, I'm doing okay. Cause I feel like, he isn't dead (wishful thinking).

    Other times, I'm crying my eyes out, because I listened to music from when he was a kid. Where he sounds so happy.. And I'm just floored..

    I miss him, and I can't believe that this world has to continue without him in it.

    Unlike you, I don't have trouble sleeping..
    I sleep like a baby. I'm knocked Out (?!).
    I Dream a lot, but I cant remember what the dreams are about.

    I just don't know, what is going on anymore.
    Nothing makes any sense..

    How are You holding up??
    Hi girl...

    How are you?
    I had a breakdown moment at Madama Tussaud yesterday.
    It was awful yet beautiful....but so hard.

    I am still crying my eyes out and sleep bad (5 hrs max)...i have no idea... Will this pain ever go away?

    I wish i could step back in time...
    Girl.. I can NEVER get to sleep.. I know exactly how you feel.. I actually dread going to bed every night. I haven't been sleeping but 4 or 5 hrs a night... Glad to know you are still hanging in there. Hopefully we can get together and chat this weekend if you got time?
    How are you doing?i think about you so much my friend!i am trying to be strong for my mom but it is very very hard.specially at night
    i love you my sweetie.i really do.
    you are tight.Michael dosen't want anyone crying because of him.But i can't stop feeling so sad...I feel him in my heart...but i miss him so
    Cass my sweet one...i know so well what you mean my dear friend!it's because you are in such a pain that i want to be there for you.If i can help you somehow,i will be helping me as well.Feel Michael always in your heart and he will always be alive.
    I love you so.reach me please anytime.We must support eachother now more than ever.hugs
    HUGSSSSSSSS how are you doing my dear one?love you
    I hope Michael is laid to rest in private. Let him have the privacy in death that he couldn't have in life. Michael has passed on but he is very much alive in all those who loved him. How lucky are we to have loved him? How greatful we can be to have all of his music to keep us going for another lifetime! Michael has been in pain and burdened with turmoil for a very long time now. His pain is OVER. He is resting in enternal peace. That is all that is keeping me going...
    I love you and admire you so so much cass.HUGS
    hi my sweetie are you doing?love you so
    Hi girl,
    Thanks for your messages!
    I will keep you updated on Sewdou when i am online (no idea how much i will be able to be online tho).
    He is doing aslightly better thank goodness.

    How are you doing?


    Janena are you doing my friend?
    Cass my sweetie,how are you?love you
    Hey girl,

    Sounds like some fun plans!

    How are you doing in regards to dealing with the loss of your dad?
    It must be hard.

    I lost my grandmother 3 weeks ago and even that was hard on all of us (she was 84 and ready to leave this place, but still)..:(.
    Saying goodbye is one the hardest things, especially if it is so definitive.

    We do plan on goign to London, me and Jenny.
    Hopefully somewhere between the 10th and 20th of july, we'll stay for a few days and also plan on doing other fun stuff while we are there (musicals, the london eye,etc).
    I'd love to bring the kids but i need to win the lottery first and i then would need a nanny too (mayby we could borrows Michaels :D).

    IO'm online tomorrow b.t.w.
    Probaby between 10 and 12 pm (my local time which is 1 hr behind london time).
    Sounds like you're in for a great summer. Wonderful! :D

    While I visted the U.S, I got that question a lot too.
    In fact, it started as soon as I left the airport and got into a taxi.
    The cab driver was Russian lol. We had a nice long talk.
    I can't imagine having to go through that for 16 years. Every day? LOL

    Everyone I met was very friendly, hospitable and fascinated, meeting someone from Europe.
    I hope, I get the chance to see more of the country sometime.
    hi my dear are you doing?love you
    Hi Cass,
    Thank you for the friend request.
    I'm fine. Can't complain :)
    How are you?? Do you still have an Irish accent, or is it pretty much gone, seeing as you have been living in the US for so long? That question just appeared out of the blue lol
    cass my dear one,how are you doing?
    thanks so much for accepting my request! Its great to meet other fans! hope you have a nice night as well! :)
    My sweetheart,i'm wih you now more than ever.
    I am feeling your pain,and i just wish so much that there was something i could do for you.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, and your family.
    Please take care of you as much as possible,and if there's something i can do for you...
    Hey girl,

    I am sad to hear your dad isnt well!
    BY now you are already in Ireland, i hope you will be able to have good moments with your dad.
    Let me know how you are doing, okay?
    We are all well but i had a rough night (read: less van 2 hours sleep) thanks to Sewdou Zzzzzz...

    When are you returning home? Or is that not yet known...


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