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  • ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((CASS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i'm praying more hard then i was before to make sure that you make a safe trip home,that you have strengh enough to face what you will see,and that you can "enjoy" and cherish all the moments with your parents.
    Please update me when you can,and reach me Anytime you need to talk,cry,whatever.
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! hold on to me.HUGS
    Hey Maria.. Yes, I'm flying out tomorrow afternoon. Will arrive in Ireland at 6.45am Irish time on Wednesday. My Dad has gotten worse the last few days. He is not eating or drinking. My Mom had to call the doctor to the house this evening cause my Dad was in terrible pain. They put him on a morphine pump. His doctor told him that she was sorry but there was nothing else they could do. She came out of the bedroom crying her eyes out. My Dad was crying too. The doctor told my Mom that is is now only a matter of time. The morphine will take away his pain but also his life. I'll update you when I get to Ireland. Thanks for always being there Maria. God bless you and your Mom. I hope she is getting over her surgery.
    Cass dear,it is tomorrow that you will return home.I have my fingers crossed for you and thoughts and prayers as well.Reach me ANYTIME you need someone to talk.You are not alone in all this.I'm HERE for you.Love you so.hugs
    cass sweetie,i am with you always.
    Please let me know how you are doing,specially when you are in your home.
    Lean on me sweetie one! you are not alone.Love you so!God Bless you and your family.Tight HUGS
    I just booked my ticket.. I'm leaving Tues. Nov 4th and flying back home Monday 17th... I'm so nervous and scared.
    I'm going home... I got to talk to my Dad and I asked him and he made it very clear.. Yes, he wants me to come home.. so, I'm booking tomorrow morning and hope to fly out the first week in Nov.
    Cass my sweet one,i am here for you always ok?
    Don't feel or go through all this alone,because you are not.
    We are together for no matter what,and that will never change.
    Please give my love to your family and parents,andtell them they are in my prayers as you are as well.
    Love you very very much.HUGS
    Lean on me cass!
    Just to update you. My Dad was released last week and has been home for a week now. When he was released his blood numbers were up and his sodium was normal. (He had been problems keeping his sodium level high enough). He is still extremely weak and his appetite has gotten very poor the last few days. We thought that maybe he would improve or at least maintain for awhile. But, one of his doctors called the other day and said he is dying. Physically and emotionally he is just worn out. He is very stressed and cries alot. He is in a real state of despair and he won't talk about it. He just cries but won't talk. So, for now, my family is just taking care of him at home 24/7. It is only a matter of time I think before he ends up back in hospital. They don't expect his blood or his sodium to stay up for long. We are just taking things day by day now. He could die soon or he could linger like this for months. He will not be taking any more chemo. He is too weak.

    I have money for an airline ticket home. I don't know if I should go see him now or wait and fly home for his funeral to be there for my Mom. He cried so much when I left in June, I just don't know how I could say Goodbye to him again and I don't want to upset him either. On the other hand, I want to see him one more time. :( If I go home and see him now I won't be able to go back for his funeral and I really don't want to be stuck here, away from my family... Nobody can tell me what I can do.. and I just don't know what to do.
    Cass dear,thank you for updating the news about your father.
    I know so well how you must be feeling...HUGS
    Never forget that you andyour parents are in prayers always.
    Love you dear one!
    God bless and please take very good care of you.HUGS
    My Dad's brainscan is fine. Doctors aren't saying much of anything last 2 weeks. They got his sodium level up and transfered him back up to Galway hospital on Friday. My Mom is there now, hopefully talking with the doctors. Up until Friday they were still talking about more chemo...
    **************CASS****************************** ...sweetie i have no idea what to tell you...i wish i could do something to help but what?please reach me if you need someone to talk.
    Never doubt that you are in my prayers,as well as your parents.
    God Bless you my sweetie.HUGS
    They have cancelld the chemo that was scheulded for tomorrow. He is having a brain scan in the morning. Still very disorientated and confused. His sodium level is gone way to low again also. :(
    My Dad is back in hospital.. Woke up in bad shape yesterday morning. Was disorientated and was shaking so bad he couldn't eat. My Mom fed and him and called the nurse. The nurse sent him back to hospital by ambulance. He asked my Mom "Why don't they just let me die?" His bowels are really messed up and He has to wear diapers. :( He can't get out of bed at all now. The nurses at the hospital are really nice to him and my Mom. My Mom is worn out. I'm worn out and I'm not even there. My Mom told me not to come home because he couldn't say Goodbye to me again. He cried all say after I left in June.. It would break his heart to see me come and go again.. I agree with her. As much as I want to see him, I couldn't leave him again. He is supposed to travel to Galway on Tuesday to get more chemo. I don't think it's gonna happen. My Mom will have a meeting with his doc's on Monday. We'll find out then.. If there is any hope at all for some sort of recovery or remisson... or if it would be best to let him come home and die.
    cass,thanks for updating and letting me know how your father is doing.I will for sure go on praying.
    How are you in all this,my sweet friend?
    Me and my mother are doing the best way possible.She has lots of ups and downs,and lately she has been feeling worst ,cause she is loosing view(in my thought she is getting blind from one eye,and because of it,she needs help for almost everything).
    But you don't need someone worrying you right now. Thank you so much for your love and care,it means a lot to me. Cass,dear,let me be here for you anytime you need to talk ok?love you dear one.HUGS
    Good news. My Dad came home this morning after 2 weeks in hospital. He developed a VRE Virus in is colon also. His arm has started to heal and the swelling is gone down alot. If all goes well he will be at home for 2 weeks. Then, it's back up to Galway for another Chemo treatment. He is still extremely week and has a poor appetite. Now that he is home, my Mom hopes that he will eat better. Please everyone say a prayer that everything goes well for my Dad. He has been thru hell and back the last few months. Thanks.
    Cass my sweetheart,i have no idea ghow you can handle all that,being so far away,.and because of it,and many other things,i admire you very very much.I can only imagine how you must feel.I'm with my mother and i feel helpless.,i can only have an idea on how you must be.
    It's easy to say than to do i know,but keep the faith sweetie.Positive thoughts,attract positive things.Plus remember that you are not alone dear have lots of people who love you so.(i'm for sure one of them).
    Precious...if you need someone to talk to to,i am here always ok?
    As to going home,i'm sure that if you explain your situation to your boss,he/she,will understand and let you go_Only someone not human wouldn't understand.
    Tight tender hugs my dear friend.God Bless
    Just to update you, my Dad has developed two infusion infections on one of his arms. One of them is as big as a saucer. My Mom called me crying this evening and told me that she thinks he is dying. He now also has shooting pains going thru his chest and legs and can barely talk. I'm hoping and praying that must of this is just side effects from the chemo but the skin infections scare the heck out of me. I want to go home. I'm so worried and helpless right now.
    Cass dear,i can only imagine what you are going through,and i want to tell you that i am here for you.I have no idea if could handle what you are handle,if i coudn't be near my mother.That makes you to my eyes,very courageous and i admire a lot your strengh,cause i know i wouldn't have it. Reach me anytime you need.Your mom,dad and you are for sure in prayers.HUGS
    My dad was diagnosed with Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia last year and yesterday they gave us the news that he has non-hodgkins lymphoma. He started chemo IV today. His health had declined alot since I was over in June. This chemo he started yesterday will kill what is left of his white blood cells and if the chemo works the white cell count will start to build back up. He has been on two different types of chemo pills in the last year. Neither worked. He has no energy and has gotten extremely thin. :( I just hope his body can handle the iv chemo. I wish I could go home and help him and my Mom. It's so hard to be so far away from them both. Please everyone who reads this say a prayer for him. His name is Kevin.
    Cass?how are you doing sweetie?let me hear from you please.Love you so.hugs
    Hey cass, I'm fime. I don't think my professor liked the MJ part of my project, though. Oops. lol

    Happy belated birthday.
    Cass sweetie,hjappy birthday!
    wish you all the best in life now and always.
    love you very very much!
    God Bless.HUGS :)
    LOL@ Cass.. I actually was up. Unfortunately, I had to run to the store for that special shot of Irish Coffee... Yay!!! LOL!!

    Have a wonderful Birthday,Sis :) I hope everything goes great for your special day!!!
    Guess what's sneaking up on you,Cass... lol

    I hear it knocking at the door.... lol

    And I'll be there at Midnight tonight :)
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