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  • Cass dear,how are you?how is everything going?love you.
    Hey cass, great to see you again! Life's been a roller coaster lately but I'm doing pretty good now, thanks. I hope you're enjoying life too. Please take care :)
    lol @ Cass... I know that's the truth. I had to do a complete cleaning of my apartment for inspection,and I about wilted from the heat. It's a suprise all this birthday cake isn't melting yet... Not that I'm gonna give it a chance to LOL
    Boo back at ya.. I was actually cleaning carpet 10mins ago. lol. I've been cleaning all day and I'm not done yet. I guess you'd call it spring cleaning in the summer? I know one thing, it's too damn hot and I'm about to quit. I got it 70 degrees in my apartment. Fine if you ain't moving but get up and do something you about melt. lol
    cass sweetie,you are in my prayers and your family too.
    I know it is easier to say than to do...believe me i know it so well...But try to think positive and having faith.
    I do believe miracles can happen.
    I believe in God and in all His powers,and i know that everything happens for a reason,even if sometimes we can't see it or understand it.
    If i'm allowed to give you an advice sweet one,Put your life in God hands.Ask Him to help you going through all this.(that is what i do everyday,and i really believe it helps a lot).
    But Also are not alone!i'm here for you anytime you need me.
    Please take care.tight hugs
    He is back in hospital again. Having complications. He has alot of tests scheduled for Monday. They gave him more blood today. He is so tired and weak and he's so sad looking. Makes me cry just thinking about him.
    hi sweetie how are you?how is your father?hugs
    Cass be sure you are in my prayers as well as all your family.If you need to talk,you know where to find me.Love you!hugs
    cass sweetie,how are you doing?it's been a while since i got news from you...hope everything is you
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