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  • Hi Catherine, not sure if you got my last message. I just read your last message dated Nov 2009 a coupleof days ago and replied. I havent been into the website much for the last few months, but hey its good to hear from you again. Hope you had a happy new year and all the best for 2010
    Hi Catherine,I'm from Dunedin and have just registered with this forum. Thrilled to hear that there is somewhere to go where MJ is getting so much support, even after his demise. I thought I might be too old to be ina club like this,seeing so many young people on different forums like Lipstick Alley, but I guess your never too old to be an MJ fan, well MJ was only 4 years younger than me. Add me as a friend if you want to.
    i'm also glad that u accept my invite^^
    yes, i had had added you to my MJ fans list on msn~~
    My name on msn is "§ PL~LiNg* =]~
    Hi Catherine, i think i'm starting to feel a lot better now and am able to enjoy his music again, enjoy all the nice stories that have been in the media about him in the past week, and especially enjoy him dominating the music charts so extraordinarily!
    I only live in a little town of Balclutha so won't be any vigil here or in Dunedin as far as I have heard, is there one in Wellington?
    I just had a look at my skytv listings for wednesday morning CNN channel 91 has live coverage from 4am to 8am. and MTV NZ has an all MJ day on wednesday, including the BET awards from 10am-11.30am.
    the memorial service is 10am LA time, have you worked out what time that is in NZ?
    much love, Brad.
    im from the uk and we're all grieving for MJ.
    The world is so empty, it seems so silent and sad.
    Im also taking one day at a time but just as i think im feeling better The the news hits me again :(
    Hi Catherine, this is Brad. we havn't spoken in a couple of years since I posted you those old NZFanclub magazines. Its sad that it has taken fridays terrible news for me to look you up again. How are you coping?
    its been such a weird week so far. I'm doing ok i think but with MJ gone its just like something is missing from everything, i'm not fully enjoying doing anything again yet and wondering when this will pass. its also very strange having a feeling of grieving but the world around you doesn't understand at all how you feel and just carries on as normal. I've never lost a close friend or family member so this is about as big as it has ever been for me.
    would love to hear from you. Brad.
    i never thought his death would hit me THIS hard. im getting by, but it's still hard to not think about michael & start crying lol.
    But im still smiling, knowing that that's what Mike would have wanted :)
    Im not sure love.

    Blayze xx
    how have u been?? Im trying to stay warm but not working. lol
    I sent away for my passport today & got my airticket updated. NOT LONG TO GO :)
    R u interested in meeting other fans here?? They seem to be meeting here be4 & after shows.

    Posted by Moonstreet.
    Re: Official Club MJJC Club House
    location of clubhouse /wetherspoons

    I was in in the area today and went to check it out. Its very easy to find and has a huge outdoor seating area.


    From West India Quay Docklands Light Railway (DRL) station
    Exit the train and walk down the quay, past Browns and all the other restaurants and follow the signs for the Docklands Museum as the Wetherspoons is located next door to the Museum, right at the end of quay

    From Canary Warf tube station
    Exit the tube station at the DRL exit.
    Follow the signs for Cabot Square, and then for the docklands Museum. Walk over the footbridge across the quay to West India Quay and follow the signs for the Museum.

    here is a really good map, from the museum website. The WETHERSPOONS is next door to the Museum
    (Part 2 of message)

    Iv'e booked a single room at "TONY'S PLACE B&B. 41 EASTCOMBE AVE, SE7 7JD, UNITED KINGDOM) I googled B&B's England & this came up. Have u heard of it?

    It looks nice & clean. Since you have been to England be4 (I haven't) the site says it's close to the Arena. Wot do you think?? Also, if I referr u or you use my name to book there, we both get a huge discount on the fee.:angel:

    There are still fans selling tickets for face value.:clap: I just haven't seen any for the 10th sept yet.

    Talk 2 u soon friend :dancin:
    Hey there Catherine,

    I hope all your worries about the shows being cancelled are put to rest :smilerolleyes: (see the home page article) There are gonna be ALOT of RUMOURS flying around the closer we get to the show dates. DON"T believe ANY of it till MJJ says it or his people have a press release. You will go crazy worrying about all the stories. LOL

    Thankyou for the offer to eat with u & your family. I may just have to take u up on that offer. lol. The finances are looking pretty slim at the moment. Hehe :popcorn:

    Lorraine (see next message)
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