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  • You came on especially to wish me a Happy Birthday, Don't lie :D :p LOL!

    Thanks Chaos, Hope you are well :)
    Hi Snookums! :) How have you been?
    It's been way too long.
    I must say, I'm glad you remember me.
    Take care hun.. :huggy:
    Merry Christmas!

    Hey, it's good to still see you posting on here!

    Was it you who was away in asia when Michael passed away? I mentioned you in this thread that one of the moderators made; telling old members to 'check in' to see if they were okay! But you never did, and everyone was worried :/ (It could be you, or maybe someone else?)

    me neither. Want to hear his voice of course, but it will never be the same.
    We will have to stick to HIS songs. There are so many good ones <3=)
    I'm ok as well. Missing MJ tremendously, but we all do that <3
    Of course I do. Poo, right? Who can forget you?
    How are you doing? Hope you are doing ok :)
    Merry christmas..I've been busy these days...hope to would cath u on msn soon...

    I was thinking of pre-ordering....idk.
    Horror Vision? Thats the site Helen created?
    Maybe. I'll come. Maybe.
    Say hello to the gang for me? :)
    I'm OK. Working. Trying to maintain my sanity. :lol:

    Oh yeah...I've seen TII...twice. Cant wait to get the DVD. :D
    Take care of yourself Chaos and dont be a stranger, OK?
    Hello Love. :)
    Dont get a chance to say that too often, so I'm doing it while I can.
    How are you?
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