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    MJIFC members from back in the day: unite!

    I was septembermoon on that site and I loved going on there to read the fanfiction even making my own fics on there as well :) :) back when I was doing the PennFoster High School program back then, I would stay up while my folks would be asleep to read until 3 or 4 am lol! Up until sometime back...
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    What did you last eat?

    A couple of hot pockets.
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    New Friends-Michael Meets April

    Here comes the Final Chapter :angel: Chapter 20. Just then, the brothers came out of their hiding spots walking over to the group. "Hey guys, what are you all doing here?" Michael asked them who were now joining them. "We heard everything that you all had said and Michael, we're very sorry...
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    New Friends-Michael Meets April

    Chapter 19. Do you think we should go down now?" April asked Michael who looked heartbroken seeing the parents worried faces especially Joe. This was the first time that he ever saw the concern look on his dad's face. Michael knew that he was going to be in for it, but seeing Joe in his sad and...
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    New Friends-Michael Meets April

    Chapter 18. Suddenly, two cars came at the same time revealing to be the adults getting out looking for the kids. "Quick hide" Jackie said as the guys quickly ran for cover trying not to be seen looking at both parents from the bushes searching for the young ones. "Michael!" Joe yelled with...
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    New Friends-Michael Meets April

    Chapter 17. Now where do we go from here?" Marlon asked as the brothers started to think; soon, Tito snapped his fingers. "The park! That's where they should be!" "Well no time to waste, come on!!" Jackie announced running in the moonlight. "Are we almost there?" April asked Michael with her...
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    New Friends-Michael Meets April

    Sorry for leaving this fic absent, but Here is Chapter 16! Chapter 16. Later that night while everyone was in bed, Latoya, on the other hand, was wide awake and very worried about Michael. Going over to his bedroom door with a plate full of his dinner (which he didn't touched), she knocked...
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    What is your weather like?

    Cold, wet, and rainy 39* F
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    How Are You Feeling Today?

    Somewhat depressed 🙁🙁
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    What's your nationality?

    American all the way and half jamaican on my mom's side as well as a 1/4 Cherokee Indian due to my dad being one
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    What Does Your Username Mean?

    My username ChocolateDrop that I chose is due to the fact that I love chocolate of any kind so much especially Hershey Kisses that remind me of little drops that I once had a dream about years back. My username was actually Jerseygirl94 when I had first joined.
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    New Friends-Michael Meets April

    Chapter 15. Dinner became very silent later that evening. Michael watched everyone as they all ate not even making a conversation. Jackie looked at him with a sorrow expression, Tito glanced at him and looked back at his food, Jermaine he just held his head down low not even looking up...
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    New Friends-Michael Meets April

    Chapter 14. Bouncing could be heard at the Basketball Court as The Jacksons were shooting some hoops while the girls were sitting at the stands. "Wow, that sure is a pretty necklace April." Rachel said politely seeing the nice gold jewel. "Yeah, who ever knew that someone could get so...
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    New Friends-Michael Meets April

    Chapter 13. Jim and April walked briskly to the front door of the mansion with the pie in her hands. Joshua had offered to drive so he waited in the car. April rang the doorbell lightly revealing to be Katherine with a warm smile on her face seeing the big brother and little sister pair...
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    New Friends-Michael Meets April

    Chapter 12. Michael lied on his bed with his arms behind his head staring at the ceiling in thought. One minute he was singing Never Can Say Goodbye, and the next thing he knew he was daydreaming about him and April together; what was happening? he had only knew her for a few weeks and now...