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  • Hi, lovely. I am glad you are okay. :hug: I am not feeling well at all today. :boohoo: Well, I need to let you know that I haven't really been on here very much lately because I am finally feeling like I can no longer escape from reality by being on MJJC. I have been trying to catch up on my life and it has felt very good to do so. So I may not be around as much but I will definitely keep in touch with you.

    Love you,
    Hey Claire :) Good to hear from ya! All is well here.I just been busy lately.I'll try to be in chat tonight.Hope to see you there!
    claire dear,join me and daddy in the chat,will you?thanks
    Oh, :cry: I was hospitalized for severe anemia. I have just been released from the hospital. I still feel so sick. :sad: But I will be okay.

    Thank you. I love you. :hug:
    :wild:Yeah my was gooooood! Kids enjoyed themselves which is the main thing! I am knackered tho'
    Thanks sweetie. I have had a wonderful Easter. Uneventful really, but spending some time with family. How are you?I hope you are okay. :huggy:

    Love you :heart:
    HUGSSSSSS Please join more often,ok?Mummy is doing the best way possible given the circunstances....thank you so much for asking dear.XXX
    Arh Claire! Thank you so so much for the absolutely ADOREABLE Bday card you made me!! :wub: I have him sitting in pride of place amongst my cards, along with the lovely MJ ones Di and Peter made me :clapping:
    Thanks Maria, sorry i had to go but my bed was calling. It was good to chat, i should come in more often. Anyway, I hope your mum was ok hun.
    Take care Maria love........xxxxxxxxx
    Claire,dear,just did it.add me as well if you was lovely to talk to you.And wow i love that tattoo so much!hope we can talk again very soon.Love you...
    Hello Claire. Just a very quick line as I am so sleepy! I hope you are well. I've not been on FB much as been tending to come straight on here. Been having a couple of sad and missin MJ days so keeping my head down from FB so as not to show my sadness on there. u know. :-(
    Take care. love Jen xxx
    Thanks guys... i had a great day, nice pressies, lots to drink and now the suns out here.. :heart: xxxxxxxxx
    Sorry it's slightly late, but happy birthday! Hope you had a lovely day. :flowers:
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