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  1. Got The Hots

    No! The cut off track on the original Thriller LP was Hot Street on its A side. The reason for the cutt of as well as the shortened mixes of the other 8 tracks was the way too much play time on the LPs both sides.
  2. How the Estate should've treated the issue of a "follow up album" to Invincible

    I'd like to see (at least) one final "real" MJ album getting released. With "real" I mean put out untouched tracks that were left > %99 finished. A LP (40 to 45 minutes) could be compiled very easily.
  3. Xscape valve

    :waving: Hi dewey! Where's the weatherman? Have you seen him?
  4. Share With Us Your Favorite Lyrics From the Xscape Album

    and the weatherman said, if you're not well stay in bed I'd like to know which "weatherman"'s saying such things:D
  5. Xscape General Discussion

    There's need to worry. C) The Estaste did say there won't be a single release of STTR feat. JB, BUT the estate did NOT say there won't be a MJ & JB hologram:ph34r::rofl:
  6. Which tracks on Xscape would you have originally wanted on Invincible?

    01 Unbreakable 02 She Was Loving Me 03 Invincible 04 Break Of Dawn 05 Another Day 06 Escape 07 Butterflies 08 Speechless 09 Hollywood Tonight 10 A Place With No Name 11 Fall Again 12 We've Had Enough 13 Blue Gangsta 14 The Lost Children 15 Whatever Happens 16 Threatened
  7. Xscape valve

    :unsure:the weatherman? PS: The weatherman a.k.a. Bumper Snippet PPS: Bumper Snippet a.k.a. the Boogie Man
  8. Is "XSCAPE" really "XSCAPE" or is it "ESCAPE"?

    It isn't solved. Not yet. Actually it's more confusing now. ^ ^source: ^Harvey Jay Masons writing credit has been dismissed while MJ's been credited ^source: Xscape Deluxe Edition booklet
  9. What songs did MJ re-record?

    ^ try to imagine, a 10-year old Mike's singing She Was Loving Me:)
  10. What's next after Xscape?

    While there's already a certain hype created with the release of Xscape IMO it'd be appropriate to use this positive flow with a Jacksons Victory 30th Anniversary release. A lillte box set with a Tour DVD and a few unreleased Jacksons outtakes/demos (not necessarily limited to Victory...
  11. What's next after Xscape?

    produced by Agelikson at the famous "basement" studio? Eddie get ready to push the buttons:D
  12. 'Xscape' High Resolution audio review

    To my knowledge 24Bit@96khz is the source that Sony provides to CD & LP plants. At least that's the case with Invincible and the 2001 SE remasters.
  13. Xscape General Discussion

    all 2010 leaks were reproduced mixes for the MICHAEL album Don't you ever get tired of being ":naughty:"?
  14. Xscape General Discussion

    I've enjoyed those interviews more than the whole dvd.
  15. Xscape General Discussion

    Re: News and discussion about new MJ album : Xscape, May 13, 2014. why have you stopped purchasing copies of Xscape?