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  • Hi there, I'm fine you ? You can call me Franck. :)

    Well, when I'm interested in downloading a movie I'll search for torrents on I type the name of the movie in the search engine, click on the first few results then click on a torrent website (most of the time I choose kickass or piratebay). After I click on "download torrent" (or something along those lines) which opens a software called "utorrent" (free software I downloaded a long time ago). Then all I have to do is wait til the download is over. Sometimes it can be really fast and sometimes slower.

    Oh by the way, if the title of the movie is actually the French market version, I'll go to imdb and search for the original title in order to type it right. I always download the English versions, when they do not include English subtitles (good for my vocabulary since I can read English better than I can hear it), I'll google 'em and put 'em in the movie. :)

    Lol @ the smiles, you're right. :)
    I'm watching the beginning, i love her demeanor, her confident body language. "I'm ready" lol. :)

    *Still watching* Awww, she's smiling while it's taking off, she's not scared at all. Maybe it was an anxious smile ? Oops, she does not wanna let go. Awww lol. The hell is she doing flying in that position ? I wanna say it's her fault but I wonder if I would have forced her after seeing she was scared. I dunno, she should have made up her mind beforehand though. Thanks for the video. :)
    I might try to skydive, i dunno. I've been wondering "do you feel the same as when you go to a theme park ride ?". I'm referring to when you feel like your heart is higher in your body. I googled and found out it did not feel like that. I might try it one day. I dunno if skydiving is less scary than the ride in the picture though. I'd rather try to skydive though, while being um what's the word in English, tied to another person who knows what he/she's doing. :)
    Hi there, i'm fine you ? :)

    Daaaaamn. It looks like a death sentence. The last time i went to a theme park was 9 years ago. :)
    As for dogs, well maybe i'll get one one day but sometimes i'm thinking "maybe you always have to train them so they do not think they're alpha otherwise they'll bite, it'd be dangerous especially with powerful dogs. What if the dog snaps ?" And cats, well, they're said to do what they want looking at you with that "give me one more order and i'll autograph your face with my damn claws" kind of face. Both are cute, i like watching cat/dog videos on youtube sometimes, they can be cute. :)
    I had an adult white female guinea pig when i was little but i had to give it back. It did not want to be petted at one point. We could not understand why. After a while gave birth to two babies. At that point you could not approach her anymore. If you tried to put your finger in the cage (through the bars while it was closed) she'd try to bite it. Cute pets for kids but um, like all pets, you have to deal with poop lol. My mom would clean the cage so it was ok i guess. I think we had two other guinea pigs along with her before she gave birth.
    Hi there, yeah sorry for replying so late.

    Oh yeah you won't regret watching "Breaking Bad", watch a few episodes before giving up. Once it takes off, it TAKES OFF !!!! You'll be like "man, what a show !!!!"

    Oh i did not have to wait. If you have enough space on your hard disk, download entire seasons. That's what i did. The only bad thing about it is, depending on how you chose to display the episodes in the computer file, you might see little thumbnails. You might be like "oh he's still alive in the next episode." :p
    Well, i think that lions are important in the rastafari religion. Have you heard the recent funk cd (7 days of funk) he released ? Guess what's his name on this cd ? *drum roll* Snoopzilla. :D

    Do you watch his internet show called GGN ? :)
    Lol, do not be sorry, i did not write this song. :D

    Thanks for being honest. After suggesting the song, i thought "hold on, she won't like it, she told you she liked MEANINGFUL songs you moron !" :)
    Oh btw lol, i like your username, it's feminine in a cute way. Little girl's voice: "i love cotton candy ! It's soooooooo pink ! :D"
    I mostly listen to Michael and live performances of "Dream On". I do not know Lil Wayne that much, i like his flow on the song called "Holla At Me" and i like his song called "Lollipop". As for Nicki, i do not know her music, i think i heard a song of hers with the rapper called "B.O.B" which was not bad. The thing is, i'm better at reading English than i am hearing it; so if you have a nice flow and i like teh beat i'll keep listening and i might google the lyrics either by typing the title of the song or the few words i understood. :)
    Hi there, how are you ? :)

    Well, i'm kinda stuck in the past when it comes to music. I listen to old rap like Snoop Dogg song called "20 minutes" which is on the album called "No Limit Top Dogg". Let me google *fast forward*, it was released in 1999. You might like it. I like how it's um, what do you call it ? I like the bass, i mean how it makes you want to bounce. When i listen to this song i play it on AIMP3 so i can crank the bass up. :)
    Lol good one. :)

    You're right about the lean. I mean i guess, i've never seen anyone do it without any help. Mike kinda did it on the bad tour during the Wembley concert (the dvd concert) but it's not a perfect lean. How old is the woman ?
    Yes, hehe, i knew it was not you. :)

    Oh i had not noticed the trick, i just saw it because you told me. Good trick, she fooled me lol. I just watched the video called "Amymarie Dance Vine Compilation 3". She's very talented/versatile and very sexy. Thanks, i'll check to see if she has a fb or twitter. :)
    I'm fine you ? :)

    Thanks for the video, she can thanks, nice lean. Noticed what ? Is it you ? You're very good-looking. None of my business but dressing this way in public could attract more guys than you'd like to. :)

    I do like the way you dance in public like no one's watching. :)
    I'm glad you like it. You're welcome. My fave part is the Jam one when he goes "Dad gone it !!!!" with the angry face and curls flying while you hear the "futuristic" (for lack of a better word) sound. I dunno what "dad gone it !" means but he makes it sound good.

    I do not know "Epic". Is the movie about someone who happens to look like me ? :p
    Hi there, lol, i'm glad you like it. After sending the link i thought "um maybe she won't like it depending on what she finds funny or not."

    I'm glad you did not think it was offensive. I did not either. But i ain't sure about other people plus i've been told the comments on the page of the video are not good so i did not create a thread. Ok, the other other reason is i'm lazy lol. But you can post it if you want to. :)
    You're welcome. :)

    Well i liked the words "silenced my demons" because of a woman i used to be very closed to. I could talk to her about anything without being judged. She'd placate me by giving me advice.

    As for the words "danced with my angels", i'd say it means being by someone's side when that person's ok. Basically, in my humble opinion, the sentence means the author loved the woman in question because he could placate himself by thinking of her name. Her name reminded him of all the times she helped him feel better. Sorry for the long sentences. :)
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