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  • sure you are a true fan, Courtney! don't listen to them :) *hugs* and thanks for the rep :)
    :yes: fine just fine, I just came back form Doreny Park in Allentown, PA USA it was so fun that I got on 3 rollercosters... :D
    Yes, exactly. To me he's many things in one. With me he insists I show him and exert the strength he can see underneath. He demands it, yes. While being the most loving being you can imagine. Thank you!
    I just started my own psychic thread in the Michael Jackson discussion forum. I hope I'm doing the right thing, and hope to hear from you in there! :huggy:
    Hi, just want to send you a HUG and say that I completely agree with you about the album cover issue. Very sad and unfair. :( They are selling Michael's music and are ashamed of his face at the same time? They should go to hell.
    You're welcome.:) I am sure you will also make many more excellent posts in the future.:)
    I just wanted to say that i love the words under your siggy and your comment about laughing:heart:
    Hi Court.ney.x

    Please see my post #136 in the 'Positive websites and videos' thread. I have created it especially for you.
    The truth is out there, things we know already, waiting to be discovered and embraced by the rest of the world, even if it may take a while, I believe MJ will be fully vindicated at some point.

    Take care!
    Peace, love and hugs
    :) No problem. Yea.. I can remember every since I was little being told about the time and 11:11,7:11 & 1:11 is a good luck kind of sign. ;) I've been good..can't complain.
    Hope that your week has started off on the right foot.
    Heyyy..I've seen we've not said :hello: to each other in a loong time.. so Hi how have you been? Cool your last login says 11:11 It's a supersition a good omen. Hope all is well with you.. :rollingpeace:
    Hello :hi:,

    I just want to let you know that I really love your Avi, he looks so cute there. :wub: The Original WATW is the best. :) (I'm am still upset that I defended the remake, I hate it now.)
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