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    Make That Change!

    Glad to be back home and back on this site. Brings a smile on my face as i type this that so many of the MJ fans are really working to make a difference. Keep Michaeling :D
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    Anyone notice a full moon lighting up the night sky.

    OMJ i was driving home and was listening to Cry then i see this HUUUUGE moon right in front of me. At first i was like "what is thins?" then it took me a couple of seconds and i realised it was a full moon. Oh i felt soo happy and it was such a relief becuz i knew right then that he had heard...
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    World cup 2010 discussion. [merged]

    Re: World cup 2010 discussion. Yaaay, i loove RUGBY..All Blackss!! wooohooo.. remember the jona lomu and christian cullen dayys.. hehe i was soo little back then but i still remember. :) TOMORO IS GERMANY VS AUSSIEE GOOOOO GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Positive websites and videos that celebrate MJ

    Aww the videos were amazing.. thank you
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    Goodnight Michael

    And its 25th again today. Miss you so much that words arent enough. Rest in peace Michael. Hope to see you one day.
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    The ultimate One More Chance music video thread.

    :( The pictures look lovely... Knowing that new music will be released but no videos with him makes me sad.
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    We MJ Fans Lanuch Aerial Attack on Doc Murray

    WoW the airplane banner will make history!
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    Positive websites and videos that celebrate MJ

    This thread is always very uplifting. Thank you very much.
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    Rodney Jerkins Compares Lady Gaga To Michael Jackson

    Is this telephone video anygood? i dont think i have heard the song yet? Maybe i will youtube it, when i take some time off from michaeling :lol:
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    Michael: 'get her number'

    I have the signed copy of invincible, i "stole" it from my cousin who was there. hehe..Mj get proposed that day as well and i thought that was pretty funny too...esp when MJ said "see you at the wedding" hehehe...soo cuute..
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    Deepak Chopra's Daughter Claims He Helped Michael Write Earth Song and Heal The World

    I uhhh taught Michael how to slide backwards, he ended up calling it the moonwalk..Totally my idea.. :cheeky: duhh