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  • Ah Kate,

    I'm a happy guy now.




    Ok so I'm not smiling on the last one but believe me, I was happy at the time. One of the potential guys couldn't stop flirting with my bow tie on that day that it blushed the hell out of me.


    Unfortunately I don't think I will return to MJJC after this, Kate. This may sound like a jerk of me but I have move on with my life. I'm still a fan of course but I'm living my life without attaching myself to the Michael's kingdom. I can live without the drama.

    You can contact me at jjneogeo(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Take care Kate. Have a great life ahead.


    Hi Kate,

    It's been a long time.

    Sorry for not replying earlier as I haven't logged and visited this forum since 2009. I come today due to the upcoming release album and holy, the drama. I have completely forgotten the drama.

    I'm doing great. Career and life wise. I'm a happy gay guy now.

    I'm still single but I have been blessed with a lot of potential love candidates. Most of them come from the same office building where I work. Two of them, which now have become my friends, are Londoners. They are colleagues working in the same company, they are also best mates and housemates. I like both of them and both of them are flirting with me separately. I don't flirt back (Yet) but yet I still feel dirty and naughty. lol

    By the way I have come out to a few friends as well as colleagues now.
    well i've been online lol, its a busy week for me this week cos I got induction week at my Uni , I should be online around 6 uk time 2morow though
    yeah I know what ya mean girlie and I've been frustrated with the amount of people who can't read and jump to conclusions lol
    YAY! one exam to go! that's great :D

    I spoke to Chaos like the week before he left for Pakistan he was very excited and happy to be going which is good. Last time he went I never heard from him whilst he was there and I guess it's the same this time around, I guess he just doesn't have access to a PC or the internet.
    i'm glad you're ok sweety... good luck with your exams... and i think it wasn't me last night lol
    i'm doing ok too..but sometimes it's hard to deal with MJ's passing :(
    hey are you? long time no talk...hope you're good :huggy:
    I haven't left yet :hug: and I know how you feel, seeing the old mjjf names made me glad to have popped my head back in... but I dunno there's just something missing and it's not Michael cause he's always present :) it's just something else it's a vibe, a feeling... an emptiness I've been kinda depressed with how big that feeling is here.
    Also I'm worried I'll end up going back to my old ways and spending far too much of my time on here and missing out on what's going on out there *points out her window*

    Yeah :(
    I'm finding it hard here... it's complicated I guess. I think all the "good guys" are going because it's not the same anymore
    Alright Kate, I'm going back to my hibernate mode again.

    You take care of yourself my dear friend.

    I'll visit this forum from time to time. In the future.



    Update: I have no idea what the sex orientation of this lad anymore. Yesterday he stared straight at me without blinking his eyes for what, 3 minutes nonstop whilst waiting for elevator.

    But anyway I'm just going to enjoy my single moment for now.

    Had a fight with my ex few days ago but now playing Backgammon with him (Still tense though).
    aww ^_^ hugs!! :girl_happy: And yeah I'm finding it hard... I have thin skin when it comes to conversations about Michael at the moment with non-fans. I'm grateful for friends like you :give_heart:
    How are you coping with Michael's death now? Are you doing much better than before?
    I know that visually it seems rather cruel to break up with a man when he is ill. Even I was rather uncomfortable to agree with his request to break up with him - in this kind of situation. But it was his request as both of us can't fulfill our promises for our future.

    It's hard but it was something that needs to be done.

    However it doesn't mean that I no longer care and will not be there for him as we will continue to be close friends.
    My ex? Ah, he told me that he was going to go to a hospital to treat his leg few days ago but then he did not. He told me that he waited for hours at the hospital and eventually gave up. He also said that the fee is too high and he can't afford to pay them.
    Ah, you ex sounds adorable but I understand the "says a lot of things" part. Yes, sometimes we thought this person would be better as a boyfriend but then realize he is better as a friend.

    I salute to any couple who can break up and still remain as friends. That is kind of rare.
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