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  • that's brill, and yeah we have the same pattern over here with regards to uni.

    in fact, we're not in dissimilar positions you and i. i was gearing up to study music (took the A-level and all) and then chickened out at the last minute in place for the world of science. i came to reconcile my decision exactly as how you're looking at it now - keep it as an untainted personal passion. that's a perfect way of describing it.

    i also loved maths and physics at school (was a bit of a geek-wannabe lol not quite reached haha) but then i opted for dentistry which was the biggest mistake of my life because i hate it. but now i've chosen a clearer path to transfer to do biomedical sciences which incorporates most of the life sciences (including some physics and maths) into health and disease, which is exactly what i want to be doing.

    continued above.....
    i love "essay" replies ^.^ nice to hear from you, i know what you're going through and i applaud you for not opting to escape the pressures with the easy option of procrastinating on the net! in fact, i envy that.
    LOL yup, made me laugh too! :lol::p

    and Dou itashi mashite, sweet sis :heart:
    Take care, mata ne~~! :hiya:
    hey hay haay

    sorry for not getting back to you earlier, been a bit busy. cheers for your message and i hope you had a great holiday and a start to a new year.


    Aw arigato gozai masu, onee chan! :girl_happy:
    Take care and I'll talk to you soon! mata ne~! *Hugssss*
    Merry Christmas, neko chan! :xmas1:
    I hope you have a great time with your family. God Bless! :hug:
    :eek::rollin: Wow!
    to be honest I thought he was gonna suck lol but he's actually pretty good! :clap::punk:
    Thanks for sharing sweet sis :give_heart: *Goes to watch it again* lol :girl_happy:
    Hi Kate,

    Just a little happy update.

    After a very strange twisting confusing discussion, Dylan and I are back together. We both really thought that was it, the end. But I guess both of us cannot deny that we still love each other no matter how difficult our lives can be.

    Thank you for being a very good friend, Kate. I really appreciate to know someone like you.



    *usagi puts on her bunny ears and hops around.!!* :bunny:
    (heehee) Hop hop hop hoppy hop! *giggles* :lol:
    Hai, watashi mo genki desu! Arigato, sweet sis! :huggy:
    Take care and good luck with school! Bye byes!
    *hops into the sunset* :lol::bunny:
    LOL How've you been my sweet onee-chan? :wild:
    Hope all is well! *hugs* I miss chatting with you!
    mata ne~~! :huggy:
    Hi Kate,

    How are you doing? Hope you're doing well Kate.

    Well I had a long discussion with Dylan yesterday. We have officially broke up.

    He has proposed the idea since last week. But I couldn't accept it.

    It is too difficult for him to live without me. 3 years of distant relationship. Waiting is painful.

    I apologized to him for giving him too many promises that I haven't yet fulfilled.
    Deep down we both still love each other but time does not permit us to be together.

    But he asked if it's possible for us to stay friends. Best friends.

    I said yes, it would be nice. But it takes time to face and accept the reality that he is no longer my man.

    It is sad. I really believe that he is the one for me. Same thing for him as well.

    I'm not sure how I can continue without thinking of him. Knowing that I still love him, that he is lonely and not doing well. Even though that I know he could possibly move on with his life without worries.

    He has told me so many times that I have to find someone else. He said that I'm good looking etc that I do not need to worry to find someone else. I could care less about looks etc. I'm an old school type of guy who believes in one relationship till the end of life. To get married etc. To find Mr. Right. But a lot of gay guys just want to have fun to death.

    Just to let you know Kate, I'm haven't been 'touched'. I'm saving myself for the one.

    I joked at him that i should sell myself at Ebay or Amazon yesterday. We both laughed sadly.

    But on a serious note, I once told him that if I cannot find the right one, then I shall stay virgin for the rest of my life.

    I'm tired of falling in love.

    But "What if". I still have hopes to be with Dylan. But I shall keep it quiet to myself and see where time will lead us both.


    oh just now i saw ur rep points and comment for me! aww thank u so much! that meant a lot to me, im touched! :flowers:
    where r u from?
    To be honest, my English is rusty lol. My bf said I am too lazy to use proper English nowadays lol. Your English is very impressive though. :D

    Regarding to my bf, I hope so too. Apparently he has a skin disease on his leg. His doctor told him to seek further treatment on his leg or he might end up losing his leg. It is not a short term treatment. His leg needs to be under treatment for the rest of his life.


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