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  • Merry Christmas
    Hey Hun* :flowers:
    I know..I feel the same way sad..and with June 25th coming. Big :huggy: to you.
    We have each other & MJJC to help us through these times. :wub:
    It's great to hear from you. Oh it's okay..ramble as much as you like,I do that as well sometimes. ;) I hope you feel better. Maybe go do anything that makes you smile. Perhaps there's something special that you like to see,do or go that makes you happy. I send Love & Happiness vibes your way. :angel:
    Oh Thank you! Well..I guess i just thought it up - my 'name' I've always felt kindred with anything soul and well I suppose I am kind of a dreamer - a romantic so I put that together I dunno' why I just didn't make it souldreamer but I added a 7 My DOB has 3 sevens at the end & so I like that number. lol Hope that kind of gives you an ideal about it. Thanks for dropping by. Made me smile I hope that you smile too :D
    :wub: & :rollingpeace: :huggy:
    Hello souldreamer. :flowers: Thanks for the hello. It's nice to hear from you and the rest of the MJers.:) How are you? I'm feeling a bit sad at the moment. I think it's because it's nearing June and all that. ALso been dealing with my depression again.:( I hate it. I've always had problems with depression ever since I was little. I sound like a crazy person sometimes. I don't think the warther is helping that much either.:no: I am rambling on now. Anywho..hope you are doing well, and it's always nice to hear from ya. :huggy: Oh and just wondering, how did you come up with the name "souldreamer"? It's cool.:D
    Yea that's what I thought! He sounded JUST like Michael. People always ask me if I think they are his...and I always say they are his children. But now that Prince finally spoke, you could hear Michael...:cry:. It's so crazy to hear his voice..just in a different way. Wow!
    Hello Lovely! Great to hear from you. :) Yes...I did watch the Grammy's...
    :D ___ :boohoo: It was beautiful and I wore my 3D glasses. ;)
    Prince & Paris was wonderful! When Prince spoke I heard his daddy's voice..They was great..and Blanket was backstage too. God Bless them :angel:

    hello. i know exactly how you feel.. i feel the same... :hug:
    I want a time machine travel back and with the new decade coming its worse...
    Eh I am ok. Thanks for asking. How are you? I have been quite depressed lately. I can't seem to get over Michael passing away.:( It's so hard. I can't sstop thinking abotu him. I try, but I end up wondering about him. I sound like a nut. I am ill at the moment with a cold as well, so that's been real fun.. NOT! Anyway, hope you are ok. Thanks for asking!:)
    :hello: how you been...? just checking on my MJ friends.. making sure all is well!
    your friend,
    I never found my phone :@ well the positive thing is i get a new Mobile :D tell Sam i said thanks again for letting me use his phone to phone my Mum :), i haven't been up to anything that existing it has to be said pretty boring really.

    Whats your Twitter page? heres mines
    I found you!!!! Yay! =D It's Andrew, mjlivesimmortal, blonde hair, you know... Just wanna say hey. You have to have my email address! It's x x
    awww its ok,i understand. And ur right! they are all going to eat their words and i cant wait! U stay sweet also =]
    haha sorry! My name is Sarah and my hubby's name is Sam. It's his mobile I gave you cause my phone is not working at the moment. I never use my msn, I only use myspace, my email and here.
    I need a name to go to that Number lol, if you want you can ad me onto MSN you can get my address in my profile somewhere :p
    OMG! yeah i remeber you now. i'm going to the opening night aswell maybe we could meet up again?:D i got my ticket on Ebay aswell i paid £120 for mines where are you sitting? i'm in BK 421
    Yeah i was at the press confrecne and i did have a Metallica T-Shirt on lol how scary i dunno when you sent the messege to my profile but if it was ages ago then sorry for the delay in replying :p
    OMG!!! How late am I in replying to your message!! Hahahaha! Dude, I just had to get a new passowrd fo rthis site and everything.LOL Anyway, O2 was awesome!! Sam and I are waiting for a password for presale! Hope you get one as well! I will send you those pics via email as soon as I get them uplaoded!! Much love!!
    Hi Sarah, its jane...we met at the Perkin in Taunton when we saw Navi.
    I hope you had a good time and got back home without any problems.
    It would be lovely to meet up again some time.
    We are off for our holiday in Argentina for three weeks but perhaps we could get together in the new year when the weather is even grayer than usual!! We could go out for the day, it only takes I.5 hrs to get to Plymouth.
    Take care and have a wonderful xmas, xx
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