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    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    The tone of the Estate makes my skin crawl and blood boil. They seem to forget it was THE FANS that destroyed Leaving Neverland with their own documentaries and efforts. THE FANS organise streaming parties and make Michael trend on Twitter. THE FANS organised the XSCAPE release parties in...
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    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    The excitement is real
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    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    Looks like Spotify is late to the party, but removed from other platforms - is that fair to say?
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    The Cascio Tracks Have Been REMOVED!!!

    They are absolutely up to something here - they have been removed on many platforms. Spotify in some regions has a 7 track and a 10 track version, likely to be removed soon. Whats going on!?
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    Is this information about the unreleased songs true?

    Yeah, the seller told me 2008 but I highly doubt that. They are a verified presence & authentic as it gets so hard to question their validity as a song seller but it doesn't sound 2008 to me
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    My questions on the allegations

    Hi. 1. No. They are full of crap wherever they talk, and the film is full of lies anyway. 2. The sleepovers thing was blown out of proportion hugely, and was never a case of MJ luring children into his bed specifically. Many times people passed out on the bed, including Mac Culkin's father...
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    What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    Including previously unreleased demos doesn't exclude re-releases completely. I think they will re-issue Carousel and a few others.
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    This Is It costumes: Cool or Tacky?

    I think Zaldy was an awful designer & didn't understand Michael or how he moved at all. They were so unbelievably tacky and impractical. None of them were ready either. I think Bush would've ended up doing most of the costumes. Zaldy's only good design was the light up Billie Jean outfit.
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    Was there ever planned to create a video clip for Smile from History album? And if there was, why it was cancelled?

    The physical single was pressed/printed in very limited copies, so some do exist. It was scrapped because Blood on the Dance Floor released.
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    Live vocals underneath the playback from the HIStory Tour

    Danny Oliver posted about the multitracks for Munich leaking, but I don't think they did?!
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    Michael Jackson's attitude towards women in his music

    Is Frenzy actually an MJ fan? A lot of the posts are full of tabloid source BS
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    Michael Jackson's attitude towards women in his music

    Some fantastic sources in this thread, Ian Halperin and Rabbi Shmuck! It must be true!
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    Thriller 40th anniversary

    One thing I really want is a Dolby Atmos mix of Thriller for Apple Music. If done well, it could be incredible
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    Thriller 40th anniversary

    September is my guess.