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  • Hey, I just read your messgae. Have been offline for a few months. My email is rcwilson08@hotmail.com. Please keep me in up to date with any events in the Brissy/Gold Coast area. I live in the Logan area so i can travel to both. talk soon. Chloe
    Hi, I am not new to MJJCommunity, but I am however new to using the befriending feature. Was just browsing and thought you looked cool.
    hey there Damien! i see that you are attending the 30th july show,just like me ! :)

    so , which seat you got?
    Damien you don't know me but I want to say I'm sorry for all this stuffs.
    Thank you for the informations.Stay calm,ok?
    Bye!Take care,man!
    Damien could you clarify your article/interview for us please. It seems like they fed you a line of horse pucky.
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