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    Raising Money For A New Community Forum

    I don't get paid until the end of May, but as soon as I do, I will donate! This forum has meant he world to me for so many years! Love, Always ~Dan~
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    Michael Album Appreciation Thread

    Woahhh!! Hold on! Hear me out! Aside from the Cascio tracks (which despite the disgusting, money-grabbing nature of them - objectively speaking, I think they're decent songs - I do not agree with them though!), I feel the album was great. Some great tracks were chosen and I think the remixing...
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    Cascio Tracks at Least Written by MJ?

    Hi all just a quick question, we all know the Cascio Tracks do not feature Michael Jackson on vocals, but were any of the tracks at least written by Michael or is it all just completely fabricated? Thanks, ~Dan~
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    Gratitude Thread

    This is true, I have horrific anxiety, especially at the moment and I have trying my best to stay spiritual but I am finding it hard. Wouldn't have any tips for connecting with myself would you, as in the real me not the materialistic driven, negative thoughts me but the witness?
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    Gratitude Thread

    Thank you so much! I am very sensitive, to a fault sometimes :hysterical:
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    Gratitude Thread

    Hi everyone. I struggle sometimes to stay happy, do you?. I have anxiety and the biggest cause of that is change. Everyday I have a longing for comfort, routine and familiarity. When things suddenly change such as, breaking up with a partner, moving house and even sometimes being out of the...
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    Your ultimate MJ rarities compilation?

    I've never heard of this track and I can't find it anywhere. UPDATE: Found it!
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    Your ultimate MJ rarities compilation?

    I think mine would be a simple one disc with my favorite cuts.... 1. Sunset Driver 2. Nite Line 3. Free 4. Starlight 5. Mind is the Magic 6. What About Us 8. Someone Put Your Hand Out 9. In the Back 10. I'll Be There (Pepsi Version) 11. Big Boy 12. On the Line
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    "Music & Me" and "Music & Me" confusion!

    Hi everyone I maybe completely late to this party but just in case there are people like me who had no idea about this, I'd thought I'd post it. I have been a fan for YEARS and had no idea about this until 2 minutes ago. "Music & Me" always confused me as it was a studio album that contained...
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    Ultimate Album Shootout!

    I only included Joyful Jukebox music because it's comprised solely of previously unreleased material, much like "Michael" and "Xscape" where as the other two that you mentioned, although they contain previously unreleased material, they mainly a greatest hits/alternate cuts kinda album. I'm...
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    Let's Our Definitive MJ Album!

    There's a great thread about re-sequencing the Invincible album and it got me thinking. Build your definitive MJ studio album. The album you build won't be a "greatest hits" collection, don't worry about the time it was released, this is all hypothetical, what if imagine these are all "new...
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    What Changes Would You Make to Invincible's Track List?

    Have you guys seen this? and I think I would do: 01. Unbreakable 02. Heartbreaker 03. Invincible 04. Xscape 05. Break of Dawn 06. The Way You Love Me 07. You Rock My World 08. Butterflies 09...
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    Ultimate Album Shootout!

    Hi everyone! I want to know what you're favorite Michael Jackson album is! This includes all the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons stuff on equal ground for this Poll. I will voting in a couple of days as I will spend those days re-listening to everything in order! At the minute from memory, mine is...
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? Christmas song?