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  1. My new EP "Unacceptable" ! (MJ Influenced)

    I really like it, keep up the good work!
  2. Michael Jackson's Impact in the Modern World

    It just happened today. Our school band played some MJ songs and everybody sang along, even young kids. I was pleasantly surpised that they also played Whatever happens.
  3. The Person Below Me....

    Re: The person below me.... Yes, 4 :D TPBM likes vegetables?
  4. Song Of The Week - Liberian Girl

    Liberian Girl has become my jam for this summer, love it so much.
  5. Song Of The Week - Ease On Down The Road

    I think it's the part 'to be eaten alive, eaten alive, I don't ever wanna be... eaten alive' where both sing and they sound like one person, i could be wrong though. (2:11-2:20)
  6. Song Of The Week - Ease On Down The Road

    Am I hearing it right? Do MJ and Diana both sing the 'I don't wanna get eaten alive' part together? I can't really tell who's singing what they sound soo similar *fascinated*
  7. Billie Jean VS Thriller: which do you think is more iconic?

    I get what you mean but i just doubt that anyone wouldn't think of Billie Jean when he or she sees the Moonwalk. I think people associate Thriller more with the zombies and Halloween, but when people hear Billie Jean they think of MJ doing the moonwalk or the toe stand etc.
  8. Billie Jean VS Thriller: which do you think is more iconic?

    Hm i'm not sure about the dance moves though. Do the crotch grab or the leg kick or the moonwalk and everyone will immediately recognize it.
  9. Present Day MJ "Feel Goods"...

    Re: Present day MJ feel goods... So cute! Sometimes me and my little sister dance to MJ songs too :)
  10. Michael Jackson’s Halloween - New animated special coming this fall

    I think I'm going to watch it but i was hoping for an anouncement regarding Thriller 3D :( ( I like the this place hotel sign but i'm a bit sceptical of this project)
  11. How Many Kid Fans (under 18) and How Many Adult Fans On Here?

    Re: How many mj kids fans on here and how many adults fans are on here 19 :)
  12. Imaginings of Live Songs we never got

    I think Give in To Me could have easily replaced Dirty Diana (I love both songs). I imagine some very cool blue lights and an epic guitar solo (from Slash himself would have been great). He really should have added Give In To Me and Who Is It.
  13. In The Closet- Dangerous Tour

    +will you be there But you're right. And just think about it, he performed songs that people have heard for years (from OTW,Thriller,Bad). And then there is a new album and except for 3-5 songs anything else remains the same. I wonder if fans where disappointed back then.
  14. In The Closet- Dangerous Tour

    Yeah i have read somewhere that even Janet told him that he should have played more songs from the album and he said he was pressed for time.
  15. In The Closet- Dangerous Tour

    He could have easily made some changes (for instance: SOOML/Gone too Soon)