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  1. 2000 Watts Uncut "Gold" Mix - With Unreleased Ad-libs

    well. the estate isn't even aware of albums post Bad. xD
  2. 2000 Watts Uncut "Gold" Mix - With Unreleased Ad-libs

    yea real. is there a lossless file of it? *edit* that track goes so hard. Teddy Riley + MJ = insane.
  3. Leaking of unreleased songs

    the estate doesn't care anyway if everything gets leaked. i don't count on them and on future 'releases'. so I'm hoping for leaks
  4. The main reason most people don't like Invincible album is Rodney Jerkins?

    throw out the ballads and add uptempo outtakes = best MJ album. Im loving the Invincible threads btw. ;o
  5. If you could re-shape Invincible...

    Unbreakable Hollywood Tonight You Rock My World Break of Dawn She Was Loving Me (Kai's Satisfaction Mix) Heaven Can Wait Blue Gangsta (Timbaland Mix) Privacy Another Day 2000 Watts Threatened A Place With No Name (Original Mix) Whatever Happens Cry We've Had Enough Escape (Original Mix) I...
  6. Where Invincible went wrong

    if Invincible included outtakes like HT, BG, APWNN, Xscape, WHE, it would have been his best album. and remove some of the horrible ballads & 'Invincible'. I'd even add Another Day then.
  7. News & Mentioning unused lyrics to BAD uncovered

    the AI sounds pretty good with those lyrics. now imagine if the album mix of HT would get its deserved bridge. :D
  8. New All-Star Tribute album?

    that's so typical. early may? which year btw?
  9. New All-Star Tribute album?

    pretty sure there's a huge letdown incoming. it's always like that when there's something MJ related stuff coming.
  10. Teddy Riley or Rodney Jerkins?

    Teddy by far. wouldn't mind for 2-3 tracks with Rodney though. Xscape was great.
  11. New All-Star Tribute album?

    maybe the estate doesn't care anymore, similar to T40 which was actually Sony's thing. ( I'd be happy if there's no estate involvement :D)
  12. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    yea true, MJ estate is absolutely incompetent and clueless. there's nothing worse or anything comparable. LOL
  13. A.I Michael - opinions

    MJ never sang kai's song. the voice happens to sound like MJ. so what's their problem? ban everybody who sounds like MJ? xD the only problem might be the adlibs from older songs. (I'd replace them also with A. I. if possible).
  14. A.I Michael - opinions

    so what's the exact reason for taking those down? because of the adlibs / leftovers from a 'legit' song?
  15. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    the first snippet sounds superfunky.