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    Black Or White (Remake 2021) by Paramount Pictures

    Good news - Anything positive MJ with a company like WB involved is a good move, Im all for this, whatever it is. Its also refreshing to hear something projected towards Michaels "newer" music, even though 30 years old lol, I mean normally we hear about Thriller, Billie Jean, Dont Stop, TWYMMF...
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    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    I always think this. Chandler though I think is contractually obligated to stay hush, as was MJ within reason after the settlement (unless called upon like court) The fact that Chandler didn't want anything to do with the trial, even threatened to leave the country if I remember rightly...
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    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Yep, fingers crossed all ends next week - I also wouldn't be against a quiet little lawsuit on the side against these two frauds for damages, otherwise people will never learn the consequences of their actions.
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    Unpopular opinions about MJ’s music?

    I do not get the addition of Come Together on HIStory - HIStory is my joint favorite album (along with Dangerous) - But the album would have been better with another original track rather than "Come Together", I like the song, but I never got the addition of that track, with it being recorded in...
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    Tabloid Junkie - Bridge: What is MJ singing/mumbling?

    Wouldn't surprise me if Michael was saying something relative, he was clever with stuff like that I only found out about the names stated in "Money" last year and it took the song to another level for me, something as simple as stating rich/money hungry people
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    What's your favorite part/moment of HIStory Tour?

    I still enjoy watching the HIStory tour even from heavy criticism, I just wish we had the same ratio of lip sync/live to at least the Dangerous Tour, there were so many small changes vocally that could have made it better Stranger In Moscow - every other line could have been live, like how the...
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    History 1996 Manila Audio Released on Spotify

    Could actually be worse, could have been the Auckland recording from 96' which sounds like it was recorded from inside a bin (actually has an unofficial CD and Vinyl release somewhere)
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    HIStory 25 [MERGED]

    This is not a bad idea at all Disk 1/ HIStory 15 tracks as we know them Disk 2/ Could work with unreleased content, but could also make for a decent greatest hits (I know these are done to death) but this could be different as it could contain maybe 15 tracks from 1995 onwards plus unreleased...
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    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    What about damages doe false accusations? Are they unable to do that? I am not a nasty person, but I don't just want these dismissed, I want the estate to bury them and make the rest of their living days hell for what they have done.
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    My case of why "What More Can I Give" must be re-released as a single NOW

    Has the solo version ever been leaked? I'm itching to hear the solo version of WMCIG and also Michaels solo version of Scream, that has to exist somewhere lol
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    The 9 HIStory Statues by Derek Howarth

    I would but can’t see how to attach photo lol
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    The 9 HIStory Statues by Derek Howarth

    Love the HIStory statues - So much so its the centre piece of my tattoo sleeve!
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    “We took Sony 50 songs, and this [I Never Heard aka This Is It] was the best of all of them."

    This Is It was chosen because the title of the song was This Is It and tied in with the tour, it was a no brainer from a commercial standpoint, even if there were better tracks ahead of it. Best Of Joy would have been a more fitting choice given it was the last song MJ recorded and the "I am...
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    Morphine called Just Say No (Malaysia release) also censored on the CD?

    Dedicated fan for over 25 years and I only found out about this last year! lol My copy from Malaysia arrived last month funnily enough
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    It looks like 3D version of the Munich 1997 concert was made years ago

    I'm not totally against the idea of a 3D HIStory Tour release some sort, we are talking about the Estate of the most successful entertainer of all time surely they have to power to release something like.. It would work well in a Blu Ray/3D Box Set Disc 1 - BAD Tour, LA 1989 Blu Ray Disc 2 -...