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  • Hi there. Just seen your post in ''if Michael was reading this'' thread. I've seen this is it many many times too. I'm missing him loads today. Hope you are well, have added you as friend on here :) Much MJ love to you x
    :woohoo::dancin: I totally just Michael-ed you :wub::wild:
    eeeeheee ooooowwww !!!:wub::clapping:
    Thank you Dangerous. Is that you who commented on her page? I'm so proud of her. She's had a singing voice that gives me shivers since as far back as I can remember but at least 9 years old. She has her first gig this Friday at a fundraiser concert. A band here in town was looking for a male singer and she offered but they said no. Then they heard her singing on the youtube video and contacted her offering her the spot. She gets to sing two of her own songs, two of theirs, and the rest are covers.
    :waving: Yes.. I know how you mean. :better: ~I am the same way..I write about Michael too when I feel down..it helps me..from what I've seen of your writing..I think it's really great* Take care... :huggy: ..And stay Cool yourself. :cheeky:
    :wub: :rollingpeace:
    heyyy.. loooong time to chat.. wanted to see how you've been. i've notcied that you write a bit don't you? very nice. Hope all is good with you. :flowers:
    Hi! :) Thank you for the reputation points, and for your kind comments! A big hug!

    just wondering, lol, are you doing the video elimination game for the last 3 albums aswell? i miss it :)
    So, I've added you now!
    Might as well do that because I fear that Gaz are about to shut MJJC down - it's stupid to speculate, but I kind of wondering why he decided to not accept any donations anymore :unsure:
    Hey Milan! :)

    I have a Facebook account, but I cleaned up the account and "abandoned" it a while ago - but if you want I can add you so I will not lose you in case one of us get banned from this forum or something :lol:
    I have Twitter though: http://www.twitter.com/mralexw
    :hello: Thanks 4 the reppys. But Thanks even more for understanding where I was coming from. It really is all about the L.O.V.E :huggy:
    oh and dangerous is one of my fav albums by mj :) I may even like it better than thriller! I also love "Off the Wall" :D
    Thats cool that you won so many talent shows for imitating mj :) I wish I could dance like him! my brothers like to imitate his dance moves too...and they are pretty good.

    Ive been a fan of his music since I was 6. I've been a fan of him as a person since 2001 and even more so in 2005 (thanks to youtube, i could find out alot more his past interviews, performances and his old school stuff with the Jackson 5). Ive been a fan of Janets music since I was 10. And thanks to youtube I am now a fan of the rest of the Jackson famiy as well :)
    Just wanted to stop by and see how u were going :) so how long gave u been an mj fan? What song or incident made u a fan? R u fan of any of the rest of the Jackson family.
    Man the HIStory elimination is gonna be really interesting!
    I couldn't in my wildest imagination believe anyone would vote for You Are Not Alone in the first round!

    Which song do you think will win the whole competition?! :D
    I hope you don't mind, we decided to go ahead with round 4 as people were getting impatient (mainly me lol) and someone suggested you might not be around for a few days! :O If you're not okay with this then we can start over when you come back. :) It looks like TLC lost by a landslide..
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