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  • Just passed here. Hi my dear friend how are you? this is a difficult moment for all the worl.. I hope all is going well. Have you married? I'm very happy for you.
    Oh happy to hear about new home! Congratulations!
    In know I miss the old times too. Haven't seen anybody on very much. Especially Tino. :no:
    Hi Dani! :huggy:So happy to hear from you! I'm well. Hope all is well with you!
    What a pleasant surprise!

    I'm good, thank you for asking. Time passed so fast. Now I look back and miss the old times. Ready to become a "responsible adult". Or maybe not.

    How about you?
    Merry Christmas dear friend Daniela ;)

    Hugs Dani!!:huggy: So glad you stopped by! Merry Christmas!!:xmas1:
    Hi Dani!! Big hugs back!! Nice to hear from you!!:huggy:
    Hi Dani!! Great to hear from you!:holiday: Hope you're well and happy. I'm doing well. Happy New Year!!!!
    Love, Trina
    hi Dani! great to hear from you! i've been logging in less too. just busy with work. everythings good with me. hope you're doing well. happy about murray's conviction.:yes: so hugs back and tack care!:huggy:
    awww Daniela! thanks for the message. that's so sweet. i know what you mean though, lately i just look quickly at the first page and not much catches my eye.:smilerolleyes:
    but it's so great to hear from you. hope all is well with you and yours.:):)
    take care:hug:
    Hi daniela.
    I look for your fabulous cover dVD, i look History tour copenhague, Munich. 30th anniversary celebration and brunei
    Can you give me a direct link of all your covers???please? Thank you in advance
    ciao daniela..mi è sembrato che tu sei italiana così ho deciso di scriverti in ita :)
    mi chiamo marco e sono dell'aquila..seguo mj da molto ormai.
    volevo chiederti un favore..magari hai le copertine dei dvd di mj
    - tokio 88 (1dvd)
    - wembley 88 (1dvd)
    non riesco a trovarle magari tu le hai oppure puoi farle..non so
    ti ringrazio in anticipo e ti lascio la mia email
    simonlebon@tiscali.it soono anche un duraniano...:)
    :) also if you want to trade any dvds any time let me know and i will send you a list of what i have :p x
    Daniela would you like to create a DVD cover and label for Dangerous Tour Bucharest? This is something I'm still missing and you're so good in doing stuff like that I love your covers and labels:)

    Hey Daniela it toke a wile but i spend a view hours this afternoon and finished my living with MJ double pack cover. Check the tread if you are still interested :)
    Hi, Dani! :D Just wanted to debut your visitor messages page! :cheeky: A big hug to you!! :hug:
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