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  • Ill check into it and send you a PM. I'm not sure about individual fan efforts being promoted. give me some time to get back with you. In fact PM me the question. that way Ill be sure not to forget xoxox Qbee
    Merry Christmas!

    Yay! We're friends :p!! I haven't been on here in sooo long. It's starting to feel normal again, and I'm slowly figuring out all the new stuff though. What do the 3 colored bars under avatars mean? HMH is awesome btw :D . I'm eagerly waiting for it to be on itunes.
    Hey there. I know its extreeeemely late but i'm finally replying lol I've been gone for a long while, I know. :p I've been graduating from college and trying to...move on I guess. *hugs*
    heyyyyy, I just graduated lol. Ive been SO busy and stressed out for the past couple of months!!! SCHOOL IS OVER!! WHOOOO!
    oh, I'm on spring break at home and I've been using my home computer, not my laptop where my msn is downloaded!
    I'll probably download it tomorrow :yes:
    I went from blue to purple. Purple love <3
    I love you moooore!! lol!! Muahahahaaaaaa!
    I've been SOOO busy! *stops to catch breath*
    Happy Belated Holidays and early Happy New Year (is New Years included in the "happy holidays" ??)!!!!!!
    Haha I watched a couple of seconds of it then I was like "aaaah heeell naw" :p
    I think I'll stick to the real thing - "Awwuuuu!" ;) :lol:
    I'm not crazy- If I make a post, and person #1 disagrees with my post and says that it doesnt make sense, and person #2 quotes person #1's response to me and agrees that it doesn't make sense- doesn't that mean person #2 is also disagreeing with me!?!?!?!

    ARGH! :rant: I'm in a bad mood!
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