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  • lol...figures there would be security though. At least you guys tried and acted casual doing it :lol: thats cool that you guys saw the house in person though :yes: ohh that superbowl incident. I wonder how MJ reacted when he saw that??
    Wow, MJ stayed at that guys house? Thats a beautiful home. Its sooo big! love it. lucky you guys, at least you were touching the same property MJ was on hehe :p how cool. Did you guys get to peek in?What happend during the superbowl? :unsure:
    icehockey, skiing and skijumping mostly and here is held one of our biggets winter sport events every spring. i'm a real coach potato when it comes to sport so I'm cool with that :D
    we certainly don't :chichi: watch out for Janet..thats what she should do lol.. But anways enough of that... Thanks, and you also have a great night :)
    yup soo true. She seems like a huge SNOB if you ask me. whatever with her, she is talenteless , who acts like she's better!!

    HAPPY NEW YEARS to you too :)
    that looks like a really nice place :)
    lol, here's not much to see imo, few ski-jumping towers and that's all :lol: lahti is often called the sport city of finland..
    wow cool that looks so nice place, is it like LA? just smaller? I've always wanted to visite there..
    I wish :cry: no it's on my wish list though, I already have a chow chow, a beagle and an english cocker so I'm not getting it any time soon LOL
    Thanks for the friend invite!
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