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  • Lambandlion? I've never seen that. I"ve never heard of it, actually. What is it?
    Thanks! :) Happy New Year to you, too!
    I'm not certain. A lot of people have different ideas. I guess we have to wait for God to tell us.
    My New Year Wish for you
    Peace in your heart, health in your body,
    wealth in your life, joy in your home.
    May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures.

    Happy New Year

    Yeah I had a close friend of mine come over, we watched movies, ate, laughed, and hag a great time :)
    Oh ok, so you are not really a fan then. Well do some research. That's what I did, and it changed my whole perspective of the man. Wish I had become a fan while he was still alive. Anyway, I didn't reply cause I was busy and the chat noise was kinda disturbing lol anyway, I recommend that you do some research before forming an opinion. Whatever it is that you saw or whatever it is that you read; remember that there are always two sides to a story. Good Luck.
    Its been two years now, I became a fan after his passing. I am new on this website btw, created an account a few months back but never actually post anything.
    What about you, how long have you been a fan and are you sending me chat messages?
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