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  • teehee
    i just stay home and hand out candy to the kids but we didn't have very much kids this year at all
    i have to be care with my candy and chocolate cause of my mouth still healing and i'm wreaming my mouth Gurad but it hurts my gum alot :(

    i'm almost done with my christmas gifts :jump:

    ooh you don't know what is Parfait yogurt layered with fruits and granola

    today is going to be a nice sunny day in november :)
    hey i don't need to take no meds i have wear mouth Grind everynight night to stop my clenching my teeth
    i hate it wearing it because when i woke up in the morning i get scary that i can't get it off :( but it's helping

    and also i got some coconut oil to put on my gums

    i want shopping today with my mom and my aunte and we want to 50's dinner for lunch and i got Parfait it was so good
    cause i haven don't been posting anything cause i have not sleeping well cause my lift side mouth and he work on it last thursday and that thursday just post but my mouth still hurtting and i want to see him today and he told me that mt teeths are fine he say they're all good and he say he saw on my teeths cause of Jaw hurtting so have to go back and get my mouth Gurad thst i have wear at night to stop the clenching my teeth

    I can't don't remember sorry
    i did christmas shopping i buy 4 gifts for my nieces

    and i found a Michael Jackson book too a store call Dollarama that's where i found it it's $3.00
    and other craft stuff and chocolate is my weakness

    i had hell week i had a long walk to my dentist to get my teeth fix but they say that they were no apportments so i want back on tuesday that was yesterday and they can't pull it out so i have to take special oral mouthwash so i have been so stress out i have don't been sleeping well and very sad and upset i have been listening to Michael Jackson you are not alone listening to it repeact it on and on and on

    so how are you? did you do all weekend and this week?
    yeah i have to change it i'll i just buzz

    yes it's very wream day where i live feel like winter in my house know i can sleep better tonight
    ooh yes i got air conditioning feel so cool but i'll sleep betterbno ice cream for me i can't have Dairy

    i like the demos :)
    yes i feel good but today is very wream out so hot out

    yes i got the MJ Xscape [Deluxe Edition] Album i love it

    so how about you?
    hey not much

    just writing songs

    going to my sing lesson every Monday

    I have been having a bad week and feeling down week

    not much

    and I can't wait next week for the New MJ Album

    what about you?
    lol. well i like many things about the prequels, but many i dislike as well. it is just i prefer the OT way more. but i dont really hate prequels, why would i lol. they have the coolest lightsaber battles anyway. im just not a huge fan of them

    that's cool you got some stuff too and i know that i got alot of stuff people loves me cause i'm slow so i get alot of stuff :D
    Wishing you Peace in your heart, health in your body,
    wealth in your life, joy in your home.
    May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures.

    Happy New Year


    sorry i forgot to wish you Merry Christmas :D

    i got alot of MJ stuffs :D

    did you have great christmas?
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